Daily Archives: April 21, 2008

Deafness Is Not Silent

At least it isn’t for me. I always imagined that being deaf was just like the way it’s portrayed in movies – they remove the audio completely and there’s a total absence of sound.

I have tinnitus all the time. I never walk around hearing absolutely nothing. I hear either the wind rushing in my ear, or the ocean roaring, or perhaps random beeps and high pitched tones. Most often it’s the wind tunnel effect.

I know tinnitus drives many people crazy, and it used to do the same to me. I’m used to it though and I think it makes me feel like I’m still “hearing” something … anything is better than nothing. So for once, I really don’t mind the tinnitus.

For me, tinnitus is usually a symptom that something’s wrong. I’m either on the verge of getting sick or I’m very stressed out. I’m not sure I’ll always have this tinnitus – it might just be because I lost my hearing so recently. In time maybe it will lessen or even go away. I don’t feel stressed out about my hearing loss now so I’m not sure if it’s stress-related…who knows, maybe I’m kidding myself and deep down I’m actually a basket case!

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