…. BOO!

Um, yea. Scary movies are not that scary without sound.

Try it sometime. Watch a scary movie (one you’ve never seen, so you can’t anticipate the tense music or what’s going to happen) with the sound muted and captions on. It’s really a different experience!

I’m not a horror movie buff by any means, obviously — I mean, I can’t even watch a surgery scene in House without covering my eyes. I do enjoy action movies and sci-fi and so does Dave, with the occasional “suspenseful” type movie thrown in. (You would never catch me watching Saw or even a Nightmare on Elm Street-type movie.) Dave is a big AVP fan so last night we watched Alien vs Predator – Requiem. Usually we watch these kinds of movies while we’re working on candles, so I have an excuse to keep glancing down and looking away from the TV. Last night we were just relaxing, so I kept my eyes glued to the TV the whole time.

I have to say, the subtitles for that movie were very good and extremely descriptive. But I realized as the movie went along that nothing was startling me. I didn’t have to look away because the tension was too much to bear (oh MAN, when is the monster going to jump on him?!) and I didn’t have any cues as to when to start getting nervous. Think of the music in Jaws. Without that theme building up to the shark attack, it’s a totally different viewing experience. Or coming up behind somebody and saying “Boo!” If they can’t hear you, they aren’t scared. Now if you come up behind me and grab me, I’m gonna scream. Let’s hope TV doesn’t evolve that much!

This is all just fascinating to me — I’ve always taken sound for granted and never realized how much it affects my emotions.

On a totally unrelated note, before we watched AVP-R we watched a different type of horror movie: the documentary No End in Sight. It was really, really good and extremely enlightening. I think everyone should watch it!

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