Second Doctor Visit – Medrol, Be Gone!

Well, I’ve finished the Medrol (11 days worth).  The potential side effects were really alarming:  Mood swings!  Sudden weight gain!  Acne!  Increased appetite!  Sleeplessness!  Ironically, I seem to be having more trouble readjusting to being off the medicine than I did while I was actually on it.  I noticed some periods where my heart was racing and most especially, sweating.  Oh God, the sweating.  It was disgusting.  I’d wake up in the middle of the night literally drenched – I’d have to change my nightgown because it felt like I’d gone swimming in it.  I actually ended up losing weight, though – I think I must have sweated it off!

So, no change from taking the Medrol.  I went back to the doctor yesterday for my check-up to see if the steroids helped and got another audiogram as well.  This was at the official office and the experience was pretty much the same, with the exception of actually dealing with receptionists instead of just the doctor.    The exam of my ears was uneventful, and my audiogram showed that both of my ears are the same now.  The marks on my audiogram (for both ears) are at the 110 db range with little arrows pointing down toward the 120 db line.

The doctor gave me a prescription for an MRI, just to rule out any deformities, blockages or other problems they aren’t aware of, and again mentioned the cochlear implant.  I told him I’d done some research and was definitely interested, so he went ahead and scheduled me for a Cochlear Implant Evaluation on May 7.  That’s a two hour appointment and that’s pretty much all I know about it.  I was given a form to fill out and bring with me, detailing my hearing loss history, hearing aid usage, etc.

The MRI was supposed to be today (April 29) but we found out this morning that the insurance company has to pre-approve it and they hadn’t done that yet.  This put me into a bit of a panic because I just changed insurance companies in January and now I’m worried that Aetna will find a reason to deny me.  (We just watched Sicko not long ago so I’m even more paranoid about insurance companies these days.)  The doctor’s office is supposed to call when they get the pre-approval and we haven’t heard from them yet so I’m hoping they call tomorrow.  We rescheduled the MRI for Thursday, May 1.

I’m actually really nervous about the MRI – not the actual test itself but the fact that Dave won’t be with me in the testing room and I’m worried I won’t understand what the technician is telling me.  I’ve been thinking about (and panicking over) how I would do something like an eye exam if I had to get one.  You know, you look into the big lens thingy at the chart, while the doctor sits next to you in the dark and says, “Better or worse?”  I guess I would have to look, then turn away and read the doctor’s lips … or something.  Gah.  I just won’t get my eyes examined again until I absolutely have to!

Today has been a weirdly emotional day for me – I burst out crying this afternoon, totally out of nowhere.  My heart has been pounding, racing and skipping beats, which leaves me breathless and coughing.  Dave thinks it’s from my body readjusting to being off the Medrol, since it affects the adrenal glands.  I’ve been panicking about random things, stressing out and just generally not reacting to things the way I usually do.

I’m settling down now and hopefully tomorrow will be blessedly uneventful.

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  1. I don’t know if you’ve gotten an eye exam since this! But it really isn’t that bad. I just tell the doctor to make sure to step in front of the eye thing and to hold up a “1” or “2” finger in front of the eye thing when he asks which lens is better. 🙂

    I CAN lipread him even if one of my eyes is all weird from the eye thing! So all the doctor has to do is step in front of the eye thing and make sure to say what he wants you to do. I think most eye exams are really routine. Do the eye chart thing (and you can speak, so that’s good)- so all he has to do is hold up a finger w/whatever number the line is he wants you to read or point to the line…. and then for the eye thing, I’ve said what to do.

    Hopefully the implant helps though!!!! 🙂 It really should!!!


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