Enjoy the silence

Oooh. I’ve just discovered my first benefit to being deaf. I opened a can of refrigerator biscuits last night and for the first time, I didn’t shriek in horror when it popped open!

I did feel the vibration and thought that might scare me just as much, but apparently without that loud POP as the can bursts open it’s just not as frightening. 😉

Not that I go around opening biscuit tins all the time, but it’s kinda cool not to have to squinch my eyes shut, turn my face away and hold my breath every time I open one.

P.S. Yes, I love Depeche Mode. I’ve been waiting for a post that would fit that song title!


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  1. Hi! I found your blog on CIHear, I think…I’m on so many e-mail lists that I can’t remember which is which. I don’t want to say “welcome to our world” because nobody really chooses to be a part of this new, quiet world, but perhaps “welcome to the family” will do! 🙂 I lost most of my hearing at age four…sudden sensorineural hearing loss…all of it in the left ear, 95% in the right. Wore one hearing aid until March of 2007. In March of 2006 I noticed I was losing residual hearing so we started the whole cochlear implant process…had the first ear done in November of 2006. My doc wanted to do the worse left ear first since I still had residual hearing. That CI wasn’t a great success….we actually think there might have been surgical errors, but we’re not positive…looking into it. In March of 2007 I suddenly lost everything…and was completely, totally deaf. It took several months to get insurance approval for CI 2 and I had surgery in November. I heard words and sentences right away…it was wonderful. At two weeks past activation I scored a 92% in speech comprehension…the highest score I’d EVER made, even with a hearing aid…and at three months I scored a 99%. I wish I’d gotten a CI years ago…it changed my life.
    It’s a different world, but it’s a good one…you’re in for a great adventure! 🙂 ((hugs))


  2. Even though deaf all my life, those packages scare me! Even when I feel the package begin to split just before that POP! happens, the explosion still gives me the willies for a second.

    Ever notice that sudden noises have a (click) an instant before…like the ka-POW! of a backfire? Just wondering if others have had the experience of recoiling just before an explosion.


  3. HAHAHA! You’re so funny. It makes a noise? Yeah–there are certain things I love about deafness. 🙂


  4. I haven’t experienced them either. I’m going to have to have me some biscuits tonight lol!

    I say another perk is not hearing the alarm clock either 🙂


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