Tony Stark built this blog entry in a cave…with scraps!

Today we pulled off a rather miraculous feat…we got the whole family together to go see Iron Man at the theater!

We only have a short window of opportunity to see movies in an actual movie theater, because our only option is the open captioned movies shown at Marcus Theatre near our home.  (I realize we are really lucky to even have this option available, close enough for us to drive there with no problem.)  They show open captioned movies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, usually one matinee viewing per day.  A movie is there for one weekend and then it moves on.

Dave, Eric and I were really looking forward to seeing Iron Man…especially Eric.  He’s a huge, huge superhero fan and still has a massive painting of Superman on his bedroom wall, which he’s had since he was 2 years old.  (Granted, it’s got a huge Joy Division [Love Will Tear Us Apart] poster on top of it now but still, he never wanted us to paint over it!)  Paige…yes, Paige, not Raven…had no idea who Iron Man was, which horrified Eric and inspired a passionate discourse in the kitchen before we left.

Anyway, as I said, it was kind of a miracle that we pulled this off now that both kids are teens and Eric is practically off to college.  To have them both present and awake in the house at the same time is a rare event!  We only had one chance, today at 12:25 pm, to see this movie and none of wanted to miss it.

This was my first time seeing a movie in the theater since I lost the rest of my hearing.  Dave and I had been going to OC movies for the past few years now, ever since this theater started offering them.  (We much, much prefer them over trying to use the ALDs that the theaters provide, which never really helped us.  If they worked at all, we’d have to hold them in place over our hearing aid microphone because they were meant to go inside your ear, where our ear molds already were.)

It’s always fun to go to OC movies because the theater is not very crowded, and I just think it’s really cool to see people signing – it’s not something I see very often otherwise.  This was the first time I really noticed many people using cell phones – I would say 90% of the people there were texting on cell phones before and after the movie.  Now that I’m using my phone for the same purpose it has really opened things up for me – before, I never used the cell phone because I couldn’t hear on it even with my hearing aid on T-switch.  It never really occurred to me to text with it because I just don’t call many people with it.  Now that my son has a cell phone, though, it’s been really helpful as a way to keep in touch with him when he’s out and about.

Anyway, it was a surprisingly different experience watching this movie as a totally deaf person rather than hard of hearing – for instance, not realizing that music is being played really changes the experience.  We stayed until the credits were done rolling to see the “secret” scene at the end, and I noticed that ‘Back in Black’ by AC/DC came up in the music credits.  I was so sad to know I missed it because I love that song!!  They didn’t mention any music or lyrics in the captions so I never realized music was even playing.  (At one point I glanced over at Eric and saw him playing air guitar … LOL … so I figured there must’ve been music during that scene!)

It was really cool to feel the vibrations during explosions or really loud parts of the movie.  That’s not something that I experience when I’m watching a movie on TV at home, and it helps me feel like I’m ‘hearing’ it if I can feel it.

The movie, by the way, was absolutely fantastic and we all highly recommend it.  I’m a big fan of superhero and action movies anyway, but this movie had great dialogue, special effects and lots of humor to go along with the action sequences.  It was extremely entertaining from start to finish.  If you haven’t seen it yet, go!!


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  1. I’ve seen it twice now — the second time I was able to catch more dialogue than the first time. I guess my brain was better able to fill in the gaps since some of the dialogue was familiar. It’s the movie in the OC theater this weekend.

    I was kind of disappointed Indiana Jones wasn’t there, but when it is, I’ll be seeing the movie again. I lost too much of it. I stopped using the headphones supplied by the movie theaters — they either didn’t work well so I couldn’t hear anything anyway, or they worked too well and my hearing aids gave me lots of feedback. I like the OC best — only one room in the multiplex is outfitted with it, though, with the rear projection subtitles and the plexiglass catcher screens that wobble in the drink holders.

    The theater only owns a few of those screens, though, and it worries me that I won’t get one if I go. Always something to worry about.

    Lately, I’ve found it harder to watch things on-line. My husband and I catch Battlestar Galactica on, but without subtitles, I lost a LOT. I’ve really come to depend on them.



  2. Iron Man is my favorite movie of the year. Glad you got to see it in OC!


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