Peace & Quiet

…oh, how I miss it! I used to really enjoy just sitting in a quiet house, with the absence of sound. I’m sure there were sounds there but with my level of hearing loss, I didn’t hear them. It was just nice, peaceful and relaxing. Around here, the phenomenon of a quiet house didn’t happen often but when it did, I always enjoyed it.

Now, there is never silence. It’s like I’m living inside a noise machine all day and evening long. The only break I get is when I’m sleeping. All day, constantly, my head is filled with noise. Twittering, whistling, roaring, beeping, whooshing…I hear pipe organs, engines revving, phones dialing, modems booting up, ghostly moans and sounds like a UFO is landing on my lawn.

When I first lost my hearing, I welcomed the tinnitus because at least I was “hearing” something. Anything. It kept me from panicking completely. But now…well, it’s been over a month. I’m a little tired of this crazy racket my hearing nerves are producing. I know I can’t escape it so I try not to dwell on it and frustrate myself. But geez! A little peace and quiet, please?! What I wouldn’t give to be able to put in my hearing aids like I used to, turn them on and “hear” the tinnitus fade away.

Is it crazy to say that when (when, not if!) I get my cochlear implant, the first thing I’m going to look forward to and hope for is some blessed silence?! I wonder if that’s how it works. On activation day, does the tinnitus disappear when you’re wearing the CI?


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  1. My tinnitus did disappear with activation and wearing my CIs. It does come back in the evenings without my CI if and only if I have had stressful days.



  2. I recall reading about one fellow who got tinnitus, as well as auditory hallucinations when his hearing aids stopped functioning for him. They sounded incredibly annoying, like the same line of a poem he knew over and over and over.

    After he got his CI, he also said that he was delighted the first time that he took it off to sleep at night, and heard NOTHING. So it’ll happen eventually.


  3. It’s been 20 years since I’ve experienced silence, and I really do miss it. My tinnitis is like a tea kettle whistling, or a microwave oven signalling done. Very high, constant.




  4. You know, tinnitus never bothered me a great deal until after I lost it and I had gained a harmonic range of sound that I never thought possible. What scared me was the beeping, I was actually beeping. Beep, beep, beep. A perfect digital beep was going off in my head and I was freaking out. I thought for sure that someone put a bomb in my head. They might as well because I thought I was going nuts. I did everything to get it to stop, abstained from salt, caffeine, wine (that was a tough one) and nothing worked.

    I was like with my CI surgery, it killed the tinnitus and I finally heard some environmental sounds out of my HA when it was up at full blast. During the recovery, I had bouts of old the visitor but at activiation I haven’t noticed any tinnitus on that side. My right ear, the one I wear a HA with is another story… It sounds like a xylophone now.


  5. I have been reading your blogs, it is heart wrecking for me to see how you and others who lose hearing over time should have to suffer awful side effects. For me being deaf (from birth and being in all deaf family) is really nothing.

    I can empathy hair pulling frustration with tinnitus and vertigo, I had them both, tinnitus for like 10 years and vertigo that bedridden me once – twice weekly for total of three years. Tinnitus did get so annoying loud as jackhammering booming inside my head all day at times. During these awful years, I still showed up for my statistics classes without missing a single class, four courses with A straight! I completed all of my Ph.d classes with gpa of 3.88 yah!

    Anyway I went down from size 10 to size 4. I keep on throwing up, ate only a portion of meals and was really gaunt. My balance..I was whacked! I sometimes have to hold on railing when going on stairs. The cause of this is most likely viral inflammation that finally went away but truthfully I will either kill myself or get myself a CI if they ever come back. I do not blame you.

    There is an injection called Intratympanic/Transtympanic Gentamicin Treatment to reduce/stop tinnitus and dizziness, see at this site, updated two weeks ago,

    Injection treatment

    My friend had this treatment (profoundly deaf from birth), she said it works well that her severe dizziness and loud tinnitus finally went away. She still has tinnitus, much less severe, and her balance is “95%” good as before. She said she had to be careful when turning her head, she has to do it slowly.

    I still have tinnitus, now like melodious whirring and gets louder when under stress, overworking etc. My balance, I keep it sane with yoga stand on one leg and another leg crossed, my both hands on top of my head, upright to the sky.


  6. I was searching for information to help explain what is happening with my CI when I stumbled across your website. I have just had my CI 3 weeks ago and my switch on 2 days ago. I have been severely deaf since birth and have never heard sounds in the high frequencies with a few exceptions and these only rather softly if close to me and everything else is quiet. I am willing to share my experiences with you if you like. Maybe I should start up a blog to record the experiences so that others have more of an idea of what to expect as the doctors and audiologists do not explain everything since they have not experienced it for themselves. For example I lost what residual hearing I had in the ear that had the CI. Also I do not hear anything when the switch on occurred. Now I understand more but I expected to hear sounds even if I didn’t recognize these sounds. That is not the reality. I am assured this will occur eventually but I need to stimulate auditory nerve cells that have never been used and this is a slow process like a person who had a broken leg immobilized in a cast for several months has to build up muscle tine before he can walk. It is early days. One asdvantage though if I do want peace and quiet, I can switch it off and gain instant quiet! I have never had tinnitus so I can’t help you with this part.


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