I’m in the kitchen, rinsing dishes and loading them into the dishwasher.  I turn around to check the countertops in the kitchen and make sure I didn’t miss anything…and glance down in the process.  Gah!!


Dave comes running in from the living room, glancing around wildly.

“There!  There!”  I point to the floor, hopping backwards just in case it decides to jump at me.  (Spiders are unpredictable and I can’t stand them…can you tell?)

Dave takes care of the spider problem, then turns to me and says:

“I thought you said FIRE.”

We go through this a lot, since we both have hearing loss, and even after 10 years of misunderstandings, it still cracks us up!

Dave went on to say that he couldn’t figure out why I was being so calm about a fire in the kitchen.  I said, “Calm?!  I was screaming!”  I guess maybe I’m not as loud as I think I am!  🙂

Then he also pointed out that he couldn’t figure out how I managed to create a fire in the dishwasher.

All I can say is, if he ever loses all of his hearing and can’t hear me screaming when I see a spider, he’s going to need a pager or something so I can buzz him whenever I need him to do Spider Duty!**  ::shudder::

** He saves them, BTW.  He actually likes them, so unless he deems them dangerous or poisonous ::double shudder:: he puts them outside.


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  1. Wendi: how incredibly humane of your husband; how remarkably Buddhist in practice, such a gentle thing to do! Our world would be better with his kind, instead of the ones who’d simply smash the spider whose only crime is being a spider! And some spiders can jump, rarely attack unprovoked, but what the heck provokes a spider only the spider knows! Maybe it didn’t have a good day with the flies!

    ~Tom :: DEAF 10.2006 : CI-BORG 09.2007 : LUMINOID 05.2008 ::


  2. Tom, I know! Even though they scare me, I’m glad he saves them. He especially likes the wolf spiders, the jumpy ones (ooooh they make me nervous!)

    To even things out, he gets me whenever we get bees in our house. (We get them pretty frequently in late summer because they love our deck!) They don’t scare me at all but they make him nervous, so I’m the one that does the Bee Trap ‘n Release. LOL!


  3. Spiders are the only things that frighten me. You can give me rats, mice, snakes,frogs, lizards, and I won’t bat an eye, even small spiders or daddy long-legs are fine, but anything larger than a nickel gives me the heebie jeebies.


  4. I solved my fear of spiders by taking lots of macro shots of them with my camera.

    So my advice is to get a camera and start taking pics 😉



  5. I solved my fear of spiders by taking lots of macro shots of them with my camera.

    So my advice is to get a camera and start taking pics 😉

    Now to see if the same thing will work on swimming at the beach and sharks 😉



  6. Oh i hate spiders!

    I hate them with a passion!

    You know what I hate even more!



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