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Still misunderstandin’

Okay, just one more old funny misunderstanding then I swear I’ll stop and actually write something current. I still haven’t found the love story … I thought it would be fun for everyone to see Dave’s writing since that’s how we originally met. I fell in love with his words before I ever saw his face! 😀

So anyway, I sent this to the Say What Club Connect list in June 1999. At this point Dave was spending more time at my house than his!

“Here’s a peek into our home with two HOH people (me and Dave, that is!!):

We have new neighbors and they have two dogs. One of them is a Rhodesian
Ridgeback, and Dave is kind of fascinated with him. He’s been wondering
out loud for a while now if they are rare dogs, so this morning I decided
to get online and do a search on them, see what we can find out.

On a side note, we were at the vet yesterday with our kitty, Sugar (booster
shot time). Dave was reading the bulletin board and noticed a flier on a
Basset Hound rescue society. I had only previously heard of things like
that for Greyhounds, so I thought it was pretty cool other breeds have
“rescue societies” for them. 🙂

Anyway, I’m looking at my page of search results and I call out to Dave,
“Hey hon, they have a Rhodesian Ridgeback rescue society!” He looks
*horrified*. He says “For the DOGS???”

I’m thinking, “Omigod, this is a bad thing??” I said, “Well, yea….” and he said “RECIPES???”

ROTFL!!! He thought I said “Rhodesian Ridgeback Recipe Society”!

Yea, I think I’ll sneak over next door and get me some ingredients for dinner tonight! 😮 ”

Oh my gosh, everyone. I wish I written down all the crazy things we mishear!

On a side note, we did both mention how different it was when we first got together because previously we had only ever been with hearing people. I’d never even MET somebody with a hearing loss, much less dated one. So we used to both kind of expect the other person to do the majority of the hearing in stores, etc. It took a while to get used to the fact that neither of us could hear all that well.

We finally settled into a workable compromise: Dave does most of the phone stuff, because on top of not hearing well on the phone, I also would get tongue tied and just hated the phone in general whereas he could care less. In stores and face to face, I usually stepped up because I lipread better. Even now with no hearing at all, I sometimes catch things he doesn’t because I don’t have the background noise distracting me like he does.

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