See You on the Other Side

I was going to write a really long entry today and here it is, way past my bedtime already!  How did the day go so quickly?!

Well, I’m setting the alarm for 3:50 am (ack!) since we have to be at the hospital — ready to check in — at 5:45 am.  We’re leaving early since we’ve never been there before and don’t want to be late.  Surgery is scheduled for 8 am and I have no idea how long it’s supposed to take.  The kids are gone..sniff, sniff…Paige is at my mom’s and Eric is over at a friend’s.

I had one episode of panic right before I started making dinner — I started crying and blubbering on Dave’s shoulder.  Then I pulled myself together and I’ve been pretty calm about it the rest of the night…I really have not been thinking about it much.  Dave went out to get money for the tolls for tomorrow’s drive and he came back with 4 really, really sweet cards — one from the whole family, one from him, one from the kids, and one from all our animals.  😀

I have a big aversion to having my picture taken at this point in my life.  I still expect myself to look like I did in my 20s and early 30s and let’s just say that’s not the case anymore.  🙂  (Those of you that have seen my Hearing Journey avatar…that’s from 2000.  Eight years ago.  I only wish I still looked like that!)

BUT…I might try to get over that and post pictures of my head bra.  We’ll see.  I mean, nobody expects me to look good right after surgery anyway, right?  I can only go uphill from there!  ha ha

All day long I’ve been doing the “this time tomorrow” thing….at 8 am, when I woke up, it was “This time tomorrow I’ll be in surgery.”  At 8 pm, “in 12 hours I’ll be in surgery” and…”Hopefully at this time tomorrow I’ll be home and it will be overwith!”

Now it feels like I’m almost at the top of the roller coaster…once I upload this post, I’ll shut off the computer and go to bed.  I’ll wake up and the 40 minutes will fly by as I get dressed and make sure we haven’t forgotten anything before we hit the road.  Once we get to the hospital (it’s about 45 minutes away) I won’t even have time to think about things.  So here we go.

The next time I post, I’ll be bionic.  Whoo!!


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  1. You will be in my thoughts today. Keep your head up and remember when everything hurts try pudding!


  2. I’m thinking of you! Will see Karen at My Bionic Voyage as soon as she comes out of her surgery today, too! Leaving in a minute. . .


  3. Thinking of you today and praying for you too! Allow yourself to be totally pampered and babied for a couple of days! (even if you don’t need it – grin)

    Funny story: When I came out of anesthesia I looked up at my doctor and said, “I dreamed… you put my CI in my boobs!” Hubby said everyone cracked up! (Your head bra comment made me think of that!)



  4. It’s 8 now. I’m thinking of you and praying. I’m guessing it should be about 3 hours each ear. You will be fine!! And a month from now you will be activated and hearing again!!



  5. Awww- You’re in my thoughts and prayers. I’ve never been in your shoes– Can only guess how you feel right now. HUGS.


  6. Same as Kim, never been in your shoes. But you’re in my thoughts and I hope you sail thru the surgery. Hope your recovery won’t take long!


  7. I’m wondering, wondering, wondering how you are doing today 🙂 I was so happy to hear from you yesterday that you came through with flying colros!


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