Wendi’s surgery update

Hi All! …this is dave (wendi’s husband)….just a quick update on wendi’s bilateral implant surgery…it went absolutely great! Got to the hospital at 5:45am…surgery started just after 8am and her dr. was talking to me a little before 11am. Actual surgery time was 2 1/2 hrs. Everything went as well (or better) than we hoped & we were driving out of the hospital parking lot at 1:51pm.

She’s a little wore out right now but very little pain or swelling. Overall, I’d say not nearly as much discomfort as we both expected. She is taking her pain meds but only at half dose. She has meds for nausea but so far hasn’t needed them.

Tomorrow might be worse but today was a resounding success!

Thanks for all the good thoughts and really thanks for all the information & support you have provided. It made such a huge difference knowing what to expect and how others dealt with the issues that come up.

OK, I’m sure she’ll be posting tomorrow & wow!!….how can she type on this keyboard??? It makes my fingers feel like they’re backwards or upside down or something!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

dave….for wendi


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  1. Dave, for Wendi! Please give her my warmest regards, and reassure her that now one major obstacle is out of the road on her hearing journey! Godspeed!


  2. Wendi!

    I saw you texted Abbie this afternoon so I knew you were doing well! Then I saw that Dave had posted an update here and on HJ Forum this evening. (It’s past midnight so I guess it’s tomorrow.)

    I’m thrilled for you! I hope your experience after surgery continues to be smooth. During your recuperation period check out the new video clip I added to my blog on Amanda.

    Take care!

    Jennifer ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Glad to hear it, Dave. So wonderful of you to post this update for her. Soon I’ll be joining her on the other side. ๐Ÿ™‚



  4. Dave,
    Make sure she rest and takes her meds. Tell her we are thinking about her recovery.



  5. Hi

    I was implanted excatly week ago on the 16th (in UK) and the op went better than i thought, I had very little discomfort (from the bandages) i only needed Anti bios and anti inflam (it’s standard in UK) for few days but no pain killers. I wish your Wife a happy recovery and shall look forward to read about her Switch on Day!

    Kind regards



  6. Thanks for the update Dave! Thinkin’ about you Wendi!


  7. I’ve never desired to have the implant.
    However, it’s your choice, not mine.
    I’m happy everything worked out all right.


  8. Glad to hear Wendi came through with flying colors! Karen at http://mybionicvoyage.blogspot.com did well also. I sat with her husband at the hospital but didn’t get to see her.

    Remember to stay ahead of the pain and take the pain medicine even though she feels fine. Looking forward to more updates!


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