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Quick Update from Wendi

Hi everyone!!!  It’s me — I’m up and about for a little while this morning.  🙂  We don’t have a laptop, otherwise I would’ve sent that post last night on my own, since I was doing pretty well but not really up to walking around much.  Big hugs to Dave for doing it for me.  🙂

This morning I feel much better than I expected to!  There’s some slight pain, but I’m breaking the Vicodin in half and taking it every 2 hours (that keeps nausea away since it can sometimes upset my stomach).  Last night I slept on the couch, propped up, and did take a full Vicodin to let me sleep a little longer.  I took a nausea pill too, just to be safe — I got a prescription for those as well.

I’m not dizzy and there’s just a slight disturbance with my taste.  I can’t taste anything on the front of my tongue but the back and sides of my tongue are normal, so I just push the food back there and it’s fine.  No metallic taste or weirdness, just a total absence of taste in the front/center.  That’s fine with me!

No paralysis (whew!!) and no nausea.  I did have one bad episode last night after I got up to take out my contacts and change into pajamas.  I was feeling fine, just tired, and sat back on the couch.  Took my pain pill then told Dave, “Oh my.  I think I feel a little nau…” and whoop!  I was, um, definitely nauseated!!  Poor Dave had a load of laundry to do then.  😮  But it just came out of nowhere, and then I was fine again.  I had a bloody nose afterward but that’s it.

And yes, the surgery took 2-1/2 hours for both ears!  My first question to my surgeon was whether all the electrodes went in and he gave me a thumbs up and “yes”.  Yay!!

Okay, I’m back to the couch.  Thank you ALL for your wonderful thoughts and prayers — you mean so much to me!!

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