Quick Update from Wendi

Hi everyone!!!  It’s me — I’m up and about for a little while this morning.  🙂  We don’t have a laptop, otherwise I would’ve sent that post last night on my own, since I was doing pretty well but not really up to walking around much.  Big hugs to Dave for doing it for me.  🙂

This morning I feel much better than I expected to!  There’s some slight pain, but I’m breaking the Vicodin in half and taking it every 2 hours (that keeps nausea away since it can sometimes upset my stomach).  Last night I slept on the couch, propped up, and did take a full Vicodin to let me sleep a little longer.  I took a nausea pill too, just to be safe — I got a prescription for those as well.

I’m not dizzy and there’s just a slight disturbance with my taste.  I can’t taste anything on the front of my tongue but the back and sides of my tongue are normal, so I just push the food back there and it’s fine.  No metallic taste or weirdness, just a total absence of taste in the front/center.  That’s fine with me!

No paralysis (whew!!) and no nausea.  I did have one bad episode last night after I got up to take out my contacts and change into pajamas.  I was feeling fine, just tired, and sat back on the couch.  Took my pain pill then told Dave, “Oh my.  I think I feel a little nau…” and whoop!  I was, um, definitely nauseated!!  Poor Dave had a load of laundry to do then.  😮  But it just came out of nowhere, and then I was fine again.  I had a bloody nose afterward but that’s it.

And yes, the surgery took 2-1/2 hours for both ears!  My first question to my surgeon was whether all the electrodes went in and he gave me a thumbs up and “yes”.  Yay!!

Okay, I’m back to the couch.  Thank you ALL for your wonderful thoughts and prayers — you mean so much to me!!


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  1. Wow! You are so brave to get both ears done at the same time! Glad you are up and around a little bit! Hang in there and soon you will have more good days than bad ones!

    Karen did great, too! Hopefully she will post soon on her blog!


  2. Hey Wendi! Glad to “hear” from you! (pardon the pun!) I’m so glad you are doing well! I actually had some vertigo by days 3-5 after some of the swelling went back up. So just expect some of that for a few more days and don’t ride any rollercoasters or anything! Smile! Thinking of and praying for you!



  3. Rest and rest some more. The dizzy and nausea will go away. Make sure you eat something with your meds. Thinking of you.


  4. Get rest, wow you are brave getting two done.
    I am in a bit of pain, but TYlenol threes are helping
    Thanks for the update, and keep us posted.


  5. Just going on the computer for a bit. I am moving around. I think my head bra is TIGHT. Can’t wait to get it off tomorrow.

    Glad to see you posting. I got nausea problems soon after the surgery and then last night, too. No mess, though.

    I’m gonna rest some more.

    HUGS. High fives.


  6. Oh Wendy! I’m so glad you pulled through, and you seem to be having a wonderful recovery! I wouldn’t get shy about popping the pills for the next come of days, I was feeling mighty good the first two days and then it hit!


  7. Karen Spangler

    Hey Wendi!

    You are my hero! I don’t think I could have done both ears at the same time. That’s exactly what I wanted but the doc said no. I was upset but today I’m not! LOL.

    I too got sick out of no where. I was able to tell my husband and get to the bathroom and thank God I did. I didn’t freak out or anything as I normally do when I throw up.

    The roaring/ringing in my ear is extremely annoying. I am sure that will fade. Do you have a metallic taste in your mouth? If so use Tic Tacs! NO kidding…it makes it go away for a little while. My sister told me to try it and she was right!

    I do have a lot of pressure on the back of my head and the stitches itch like crazy. I’m just ready to feel a lot better.

    I’m glad you are doing well. It’s nice to have other people share this journey together.



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