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Post-Op Visit

Today was my post-op visit.  I haven’t seen the doctor since I woke up in the recovery room on July 22nd.  While Dave and I were in the waiting room, one of the receptionists looked up, caught my eye and asked me if I’d seen the doctor since my surgery.  I hesitated for a second, wondering if I understood her correctly.  Dave hadn’t even realized she was talking to me so I couldn’t check with him.  So I called out (I was sitting across the room while she was sitting behind the glass window at the reception desk) and told her I’d seen the doctor on the day of surgery, at the hospital, but not since then.  She seemed surprised but nodded and went back to whatever she was doing.  I sat there and alternated between being really proud of myself for lipreading a totally unexpected question like that, and wondering if maybe I should’ve been to see the doctor sooner.  It’s been 2-1/2 weeks since my cochlear implant surgery, at this point.

We only waited for a couple of minutes in the exam room before Dr. Battista came in.  I wasn’t sure if I should sit in the regular chair or on the exam table, which was kind of like a fancy reclining chair more than a table.  I sat in the regular chair.

The visit was really short and to the point.  The doctor asked how I was doing, and I told him I felt great.  I explained that I never had any dizziness/vertigo or nausea, and told him the only real side effect was that dead area in the front center of my tongue.  He said it should get better but that it might take a while, and I told him it was fine with me – I can still taste on the back and sides of my tongue, so it really doesn’t bother me that much.

He checked both of my incisions and said they’re healing perfectly.  He didn’t need to take out any stitches or anything but he did tell me to periodically put peroxide on the incisions.  That will help dissolve the glue and keep things healing well.  I got the go-ahead to resume normal activities, including weight lifting with my exercise DVDs.

He asked if I’d set up the activation date and told me he was really excited for me.  We talked a little about expectations and I told him I knew it would be a lot of work, but I’m up for it and really looking forward to it.  I am!  I get more excited every day at the thought of activation.

When we left, we stopped back at the reception desk.  The girl told us there was no co-pay for this visit (yay!) and I asked her about having extra people at the activation.  She asked how many people so I told her Dave (obviously), and then possibly my mom, Paige and Eric.  It all depends on if Eric is home or out at a friend’s, and if I can register Paige early, before my appointment.  If they let me do that then she and my mom can come along.  They said it should be fine so maybe they have bigger mapping rooms they can use.  The ones I’ve seen aren’t that big and I wasn’t sure they’d have room for up to 4 people along with me and the audiologist.

I warned my mom that the mapping takes 3 hours and might be boring after a while.  I think she really just wants to be there for when they initially turn things on, and I don’t blame her.  So if she comes along, she might not stay the whole time.  Paige has already offered to videotape some of the activation for me with her video camera (if she’s there, of course!)

The actual day of activation and the next day are going to be so amazingly hectic that I might not get to write an entry until Friday, the 22nd.  I’m hoping to at least write a quick paragraph or two that I can post on the evening of the 20th!  We’ll be leaving the house at 11:20 am and going to the high school to try to register Paige.  If it works, I’ll register her and then we’ll go over to my mom’s (she lives a couple blocks from the high school) and have her follow us to the doctor’s office since she’s never been there.  If they won’t let me register Paige, then we’ll drop her off at my mom’s and explain what they need to do so my mom can take her to the high school.  We need to be on the road by noon to get to my appointment by 1:00.

My appointment lasts until 4:00 and then there’s an hour drive home (or back to pick up Paige at mom’s).  Then dinner and finalizing the packing with Eric.  This will be his last night at home before he moves to his dorm.

I need to drop Paige back off at the high school at 8 am the next day for freshman orientation (which apparently I don’t attend) and then come home so Dave and Eric can load up the car with his stuff.  Then we’re off to the university, which is about an hour away.  I have no idea how long it will take to get him moved in but I do plan to stay and help him get his stuff organized.  Otherwise he will live out of boxes and crates for the whole year.  🙂  My mom is picking Paige up at 12:30 for us since I doubt we’ll be back by then.

So…depending on how long it takes to get Eric moved in and how tired we are when we get home, maybe I’ll even get a chance to write on Thursday night!

I told him I wouldn’t cry and embarrass him when we leave, but he just laughed at me.  He knows I’m going to cry like a baby.  I think it’s good I’ve got so much other stuff going on all at once so I can’t dwell and freak out about the fact that my baby boy is leaving home.  Wah!!  😦

Paige is SO excited about starting high school.  She’s thrilled that she has so many cool electives to choose from and has all kinds of clubs and activities she wants to check out.  It’s going to be fun to watch her go through the next 4 years and see her interests change and evolve.

It’s really hard to believe it’s August 8 already.  Sometimes it still feels like July.

Finally, on a last, totally unrelated note…I am having such a hard time cooking dinner this summer.  Usually I love to cook, but all summer long I’ve been very “meh” when dinnertime rolls around.  We’ve been ordering out a lot more than usual, which is not good for our budget or our waistlines.  I can’t put my finger on why…usually I don’t care to cook when it’s hot because it heats up the kitchen even more.  I guess everything just seems like it will be so heavy…most of my recipes are more suited to winter and fall weather.  All of the light things I can think of, like stir fry and stuff, the kids don’t like.

Usually though, I can work up some kind of meal that satisfies all of us and enjoy myself in the process.  This summer I just kind of dread dinner and have no idea what I want to make.  It’s so weird!  Is there such a thing as dinnertime depression?!

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