Weird Little CI Moment

I doubt this happens to guys very often but ladies, do you ever find yourself in a public bathroom stall and realize someone else in the room is carrying on a conversation with you?  Man.  For me, that was always the most stressful situation I could imagine.  :S  I’d be takin’ care of business and all of a sudden I’d realize the person I walked into the bathroom with (because, you know, women usually travel in pairs or flocks to the bathroom!) was talking to me.

So I’m sitting there thinking, “Um…I KNOW they’re talking to me but I have no idea what they’re saying!  What do I do?”  If it was someone I knew well, like my mom, and I couldn’t follow what she was saying (usually I’d need to be lip reading) I would just tell her to hang on, I can’t understand her.  But this used to happen at clubs and parties with people I didn’t know all THAT well, some of whom had no idea I had a hearing loss.  What is it that makes people want to start up (or continue) a conversation in that situation?!  Sheesh.  Usually I’d just stay silent, rather than respond with a totally off-the-wall response that would make it obvious I had no idea what was being said.

Well, today I had a weird little CI moment.  I walked into our (private, at home) bathroom and shut the door.  As I was turning away from the door, I very distinctly heard Dave say, “Shit!”  It sounded like he was right outside.  I opened the door and looked around but he wasn’t there, so I walked into the kitchen.  He was walking over to the phone, and I said, “Hey, did you just say ‘shit’?  What’s going on?”  The way he said it wasn’t angry, more like “darn!” so I suspected he wanted to talk to me but realized I was otherwise occupied.

Well, turns out I heard him correctly!  He had run upstairs to ask me a question about Thanksgiving because he had my mom on the phone; when he saw the closed bathroom door he realized he couldn’t ask me.  But I heard him!  Too funny.  I guess I might be able to have a conversation behind a closed door now after all!  🙂


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  1. haha maybe you can! Some bathrooms in club/pubs are echoey but most of the time its just good practice at listening 🙂


  2. I’ve had an occasion or two where I THOUGHT someone was talking to me and she wasn’t….uh, open the floor so I can jump in…lol.

    Yeah, I’ve been hearing voices through closed doors. Weird.



  3. How about those times when you think someone in a public bathroom is talking to you and it turns out that she’s actually talking on a cell phone! Ewww.


  4. This happens a lot. I swear Janet is calling me from one room and I go in and she is not even there. Usually an external source like a radio or tv in a different room or kids outside.
    Sometimes my ci hearing is so good, I hear her talking outside at the back of the yard. It is as if she is in the room.


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