Conversation with Paige last night:

Me:  Did you adopt a cat on FaceBook yet?

Paige:  (blank stare)

Me:  Wait, I didn’t send you an invitation to that!  Okay, go to my profile, click on ‘Boxes’, and you can see my cat there.  You can click on it and create your own if you want to.

(A few minutes pass)

Me:  Did you create your cat?

Paige:  Yes!  I created a puppy too!

Me:  What did you name it?

Paige:  Bucket

Me:  Bucket???

Paige:  (hysterical laughter)

(more hysterical laughter, doubled over, holding her stomach)

Paige:  (choking)  BECKETT

Me:   HA HA HA

Paige:  (pretending to call her fake dog)  “Come here, Bucket…let me kick you!”

(This is a reference to this phrase Dave likes to use, sorta like “Don’t burst my bubble”…he says, “Don’t kick my bucket over!”)

Apparently I still have some comprehension issues, but at least it makes for interesting conversations in our house!


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  1. hehe gotta love applications on facebook! 😀


  2. That’s cute. Reminded me of the TV show Keeping Up Appearances where Mrs. Bucket always pronounced her own name as Bouquet – more posh that way I suppose.


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