Another First

Yesterday I was feeling kind of funky…nothing definable, nothing like “I have a sore throat and a runny nose” or “I can’t stop coughing”…just kind of, “Uh…I don’t feel right.  Kinda tired?  Maybe a little start of a headache?”  Really, at one point I could’ve just laid down and not gotten up for the rest of the evening.

So I thought I’d check and take my temperature.  This used to be what defined sick or not when I was a kid — for my mom, if I had a fever then I was sick and if not, she didn’t really believe it.  I also tended to run hellacious fevers when I did get them — 104 was routine for me.  (My kids did the same thing — they rarely had fevers of 100.1 or whatever…it was always 104 or 103.)

We’ve got a couple electronic thermometers, even one of those ear thermometers (although, hmm…I think I threw it away a few years ago because it was never accurate) and the old fashioned mercury kind.  I always thought they were kind of cool, turning them til you could finally see the line and see your temperature.  Anyway, though, they take 4 minutes to work and I wanted a quick answer — I trust the mercury thermometer the most, but the electric one could give me a general answer in less than a minute.

Now, the electric thermometers beep when they’re done.  I have never, EVER heard them beep.  My kids would let me know, if they happened to be around, but usually what I do is put the thermometer in my mouth, and kind of cross my eyes and look down at the digital display, where I can see the “F” flashing as the number changes.  Once it stays at a steady number for a while, the F stops flashing and it displays your temperature.  I see the flashing stop and that’s when I pull the thermometer out.

So yesterday I was doing my cross-eyed routine, saw the flashing stop, went to pull the thermometer out and there it was…*beep beep beep*  *beeeep*

It really does make a noise!!

It was extremely soft, and if I had been in a room with the TV playing or people talking, I doubt I would have heard it.  But really, that was just so cool…I had always suspected that maybe it didn’t really beep, but I was proved wrong.

By the way, my temperature was 99.3 … nothing much.  I took some Tylenol and felt fine in a few hours.  🙂


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  1. Cute story. Funny because I have been using the “beep” thermometer all week on Dan, and hearing it, is very cool.


  2. I can relate to that feeling of not quite believing someone who can hear something I can’t. In this case “hearing” is believing!


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