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I’ve got my 6 month mapping tomorrow (already?  six months?) and as usual, I’m already dreading the hearing test.  It’s got me wondering how many people do what I do when I get these tests.  If you read this and would like to leave a comment, I would love to know!

Okay, the part that gets to me is when the sound gets really soft.  The first couple are always loud and easy for me.  Then they get really soft and I start to wonder if I’m really hearing it or anticipating/imagining it, or maybe a little bit of tinnitus.  So there will be a soft maybe-sound, and I just sit there thinking, “Hmmm…was that real?”  And I wait until I hear it again, maybe a little louder, before I hit the button.  I usually don’t hit the button until the second time the sound plays.

I also notice that usually it’s loud and then right away it plays again, softer…almost like an echo.  A lot of times I don’t hit the button on that second, immediate sound.  I wait til I hear it again to be sure I heard it, and then I hit the button.

So how do you take hearing tests?  Am I the only one who does it this way?  (And holds her breath during the test, LOL)


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  1. no, you are not the only person. The audiologist probably knows of this tendency but it may be helpful to let her know you do hear it the first time but you don’t usually hit the button until you hear it for the second time.


  2. Coming from being profoundly deaf bilaterally suddenly in 10.2006 I look forward to my sound booth tests cuz they improve each time since being AB implanted 09.2007. Wendi, I respectfully suggest not approaching these test with dread, there is no passing per se; from the results you may get an improvement in the quality of what you can “hear.” I also suggest pushing the button as soon as you hear a semblance of sound, whether recognizable or not, cuz this may tell your audiologist what needs tweaking in your processor. If you hear just a whisper of sound other than the “normal” auditory hallucinations (tinnitus) push da button; maybe next time that same sound will be “normal” as converted into your mapping. I always push the button at any sound, and the results of my tests have gotten me a 99% HintQ and 81% Hint+10, whereas I was 77% and 60% respectively one month post activation! So push, push, push!

    Tom Hannon : Deaf 10.2006 : CI-Borg 09.2007 : Luminoid 05.2008


  3. Wendi, I do the same thing. Not always sure if I’ve heard the sound or not and so it usually is the second time that I push the button. Tom, I will try to push at any sound next time. 🙂 I don’t dread the sound booth any more. I used to when I was losing my hearing. Now, I only have happy news after being in the booth so it’s always good! I did have to do the sentences in noise not too long ago with only my older CI and that made me very anxious. One was something about ‘ ordering a vodka and cranberry’. I would never miss those words and I thought “she must be reading my mind” but I did get it out. It must have been the adult test. LOL I didn’t do very well in the noise and it does feel like a sort of failure, but we really can’t let ourselves think of it like that. For me sometimes the self talk gets in the way of what the tester is saying and I have to tell my silly brain to shut up, just listen and repeat, listen and repeat. That makes me sound pretty crazy with the voices in my head. But when you are deaf for a long time, that all there is to hear. 🙂


  4. Yeah, I do that, too. I’m hearing the beep/pitches of sound and then it gets softer. Did I hear that? I frown, I hesitate to push the button in case it’s all in my mind, and concentrate really hard. I go nuts with that “is it an echo or isn’t it?” Okay, I think that was the real thing. Click. Oh, it’s gone. Then it comes back, the same faint sound. Yep, definitely. Click. LOL. I’d hate to see the expression on my face when I am listening for those sounds.

    I don’t really dread the sound “Iail”, per se, just a resigned okay, here we go. I guess I’m so used to those booths from being tested all my life, it’s not a biggie. I guess I could go both ways. I didn’t like seeing what I couldn’t hear, but I wanted to know at the same time.


  5. Wendi I agree with Tom and others, push as soon you hear sound. No need to dread this test. Make it fun and enjoy the fact that you hear the beeps.
    Life is good in our cochlear challenged world.


  6. When I take a hearing test, often I don’t hear the tone, but I hear afterward that there is no tone. Does that make sense? I hear the absence of the tone that just was more easily than I can hear the tone. So my responses are often quite delayed.



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