I’m sitting here listening to a THUNDERSTORM. I’m not standing up against the storm door with my palms to the glass, trying to feel the thunder. I can hear it!! I can hear the rain. I can tell when it’s pouring down and when it slows to a light downfall.

I probably shouldn’t even be on the computer (this is a major thunderstorm here!) but wow…it’s so exciting!

Okay, there was just a HUGE crash of thunder so I better sign off. But I heard it!! Yay!!


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I'm a real-life bionic woman.

Posted on April 25, 2009, in Observations. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Interesting. That means you are hard of hearing?


  2. its fantastic listening to the rain. i love it. Thunderstorms are ace as well! They excite me as I was them because they scare me when i both SEE and HEAR them with the CI! Once i had literally just got in the door from shopping and i heard the loudest crash behind me we thought the roof fell down but it was the thunder! It was so ace! šŸ˜€ x


  3. Isn’t it awesome?! I LOVE listening to rain/thunderstorms!


  4. Isn’t it awesome? I LOVE listening to rain/thunderstorms!


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