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Maybe it’s a genetic skill?

So we’re watching So You Think You Can Dance last night, and one of the judges (Nigel) makes a little dig at one of the choreographers (Travis).  If you saw the show, it’s after the jazz routine that Tyce choreographs.  Nigel says something about how this routine is actually jazz, unlike the jazz routine earlier in the evening (which Travis choreographed).

The camera cuts to Tyce smiling in the audience, and Travis is sitting next to him.  You can see a side view of both of them, and we noticed Travis saying something.  I said, “Oh!  We should rewind and see if we can figure out what he said…I bet he’s pissed at Nigel for that comment.”  So we hit the trusty rewind button on our TiVo and re-watched it.

Right away, Paige says, “I think he’s saying ‘What does that mean?”  I was impressed because I hadn’t caught anything and was preparing to back it up and rewatch it again.

We rewound a second time, and YES — she lip-read him correctly!  It was actually “What the hell does that mean?” (LOL)

Way to go, Paige!  It’s hard enough to lip-read on the TV, let alone from a side view.  Maybe this skill runs in our family or something…she certainly doesn’t need to lip/speech-read in order to hear and understand because this kid has seriously supersonic natural hearing.  Dave and I can be whispering downstairs and she’ll yell from her room, behind the closed door, “I can HEAR you!”  haha

(p.s. Yes, it’s been literally months since I’ve written anything…trying to break a writer’s block here.)  😉

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