What Are Words For?

At the end of the year, WordPress sent me this little recap of my blogging year (it was a nice surprise – I don’t recall receiving this at the end of previous years).  Nice, but embarrassing…because I found out that I posted four, yes, four times in 2010.

Rather than go through my various excuses, I’m just going to briskly clap my hands, declare 2010 in the past and start fresh here.  So a little fair warning – I’m just going to write about life in general, not necessarily living with hearing loss or cochlear implants.  Sure, I’ll still write about them but I’m also going to be writing about food, health, family life, house stuff, etc. … basically, all the things that consume my days.

Dave’s been writing and originally we both planned to write a little bit each day…he on his book (a memoir) and me on my blog.  We were going to start when the weather got colder.  Dave did start and I obviously did not.  I’m so glad he’s finally writing though, because he really has a book’s worth of stories to tell.  He’s 55 and he’s lived at least 5 lives so far!  We got to know each other through writing – we had a long distance relationship and our friendship began through email.  Once you’re physically together with someone, a letter or email from them becomes a rare thing and I’ve really missed reading his writing, so this is a treat for me.

We got a Nook Color for Christmas – this year we skipped individual gifts and went in on this one gift to share.  It’s our first e-reader and the first tablet kind of gadget we’ve ever tried, and geez, it is amazing.  It handles all the different tasks (books, magazines, internet, etc.) so quickly and the touch screen thing (new to us) is really handy.  Dave’s currently re-reading all the George R.R. Martin books in anticipation of the HBO series coming in April, Game of Thrones.  I’ve never read the books but I usually enjoy fantasy and sci-fi series so I’m looking forward to it too!

Dave was just diagnosed with Hepatitis C on Monday, so we’re waiting for a call from the VA to schedule him for a liver biopsy.  This isn’t a total shock – he was hospitalized for a couple of months back in ’74 with hepatitis when he was in the Army in Italy.  Back then, they said it was Hep B because they didn’t even know Hep C existed.  This latest doctor said he’s most likely had it with no symptoms or issues for all these years.

He goes for regular blood tests since he is a leukemia survivor, and his blood test in Oct. or Nov. showed low platelets.  That prompted his doctor to send him for an ultrasound, which showed an enlarged liver.  He was referred to the liver clinic (and sent for more blood work…15 tubes!) and that was the appt. he just had on Monday.  The biopsy should show the amount of liver damage (if any) and then we’ll find out his treatment plans from there.  If he gets put on an antiviral regimen (usually peginterferon and ribavirin) it might really make him feel like crap and could potentially last for almost a  year (most treatments are 48 weeks, sometimes 24) so he’s bracing himself mentally for all of this.  On the other hand, it might eventually help him feel less fatigued, and I know he would welcome that!

I just wrote all this other house-related stuff (moving, renovating, paint colors) and decided it was making this entry too long.  I always feel like people cringe when they see my long blog posts and emails so, for a change, I’m going to shut up and save that for another day.  Happy 2011, everyone!


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  1. Wendy,
    I hate this news for you :(. I hope that Dave doesn’t have too hard of a time with the treatments. If you are not already friends with Tom Hannon on Facebook, are you aware that he has finished treatments for Hep. C in the past couple of years and that he’s deaf? Dave might like meeting him…he’s a super good guy.
    I always love your blog posts…here’s to at least four more in 2011!
    Jennifer 🙂


  2. Jennifer, I do know Tom but I didn’t know he finished Hep C treatments — thanks so much for letting me know! Tom is so nice and it is good to know someone who’s been through this and can offer some advice. 🙂 Thanks, my friend!!


  3. Oh Wendi, just stumbled over here and I am floored, I ache for both of you! I don’t talk about it much, my battle with the HCV dragon, but please take a look at my most recent FB posting and tell Dave that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train! Email me anytime, I mean it!


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