Dream, Dream, Dream

I was going to make this my Facebook status, but it’s one of those things that requires too much explanation…so instead I’m making it a blog entry.  🙂

I had this dream last night that I was back in high school.  That’s nothing new — I periodically have those awful dreams about being back in school and …   a: can’t find my locker;  b: can’t remember where my classes are;  c: have to take a test for a class I’ve forgotten to go to or have missed all year long for some reason.  Y’know, your standard stress dream…I usually wake up grinding my teeth after I have them.

This one, though, was different.  First of all, I was in a class with high school kids but I was my current age (46).  Yes, we were handed a test…but instead of panicking, I opened my purse to take out my reading glasses.  Then I thought, “Man, nobody else needs reading glasses…this is really going to make me look old!”  I looked down at the test and wasn’t worried; it looked like questions I could answer fairly easily.  BUT…then the teacher walked over, leaned down and said, “Oh, you actually don’t have to take this test if you don’t want to, because you’ve only been in class for two weeks.  You can wait until the 10th week to take it.”  It was like the warm, fuzzy version of a high school stress dream!

The dream continued – I was staying at school ‘til, like, 6:30 pm to finish projects because I enjoyed it so much and was doing so well.  I mean, really, it was the strangest, most enjoyable ‘school dream’ I’ve ever had!


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