So, I fell down the stairs yesterday.

Not a “head over heels somersault” kind of fall, more like a “feet swept out from under, slam down on your tailbone as you hit every step” kind of fall.  Ouch.

I wasn’t even running down the stairs or anything…I just stepped like normal off the second step and next thing I know I’m bouncing and slamming down the stairs to the landing by the front door.  (I think I need new slippers…the grippy stuff on the bottom of these is clearly wearing off!)

As I fell, I could feel my CI processors lifting up and then coming back down off my ears.  The magnets dislodged as well, so I fell in complete silence…to me, anyway.  (Dave said it sounded like Paige’s bed fell over…he had no idea what he was hearing!)  I couldn’t tell for sure if my CIs flew off my head and if they were damaged, or if they were still in my hair somewhere.  My first thought was that I hoped they were okay and not broken.

I lay on the landing, trying to decide how much physical damage I’d done, and suddenly felt Dave’s hands on my shoulders.  I couldn’t hear him, of course; I had to shake my head and put my hand up, telling him “I can’t hear, hang on” while I felt around for my CIs.  Luckily they were still on my head, just tangled in my hair, and were perfectly fine.  (I didn’t hit my head, thank goodness.)

In the end, I just ended up very sore and majorly bruised – across my shoulder blades (the first place I hit), my tailbone, my right palm (I must have put my hand down to brace the fall – I have a huge bruise at the base of my thumb) and the inside of my right arm.  I’m fine today, just a little stiff and sore.

What surprised me, though, was how fast my CIs flew off my ears…both of them.  I’ve always been a little paranoid at the thought of being in some kind of accident – car or whatever – and having my CIs fly off, then having the paramedics not realize I’m deaf.  (Without the CI processors and magnets, there’s no visible evidence that I wear them – no scar or shaved head or anything.)  I wasn’t really sure if they would come off that easily or if I was worrying for nothing, but now I really can see how the CIs would be the first thing to fly around in an accident of some sort.  I really wouldn’t want to be unconscious and be plunked into an MRI machine (a big no-no since I have magnets inside my head)!

So now I’m thinking I might spring for some kind of Medic-Alert jewelry…a bracelet, most likely.  I figure I’ll note that I’m deaf, bilateral cochlear implants, no MRI…I think that would cover it.

If you are deaf with CIs and have Medic-Alert jewelry that you are happy with, I’d love some recommendations of stores and/or what you have engraved on it.  Thanks!


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  1. Well, if I may be overly literal, that sounds like a real pain in the arse. Medic-alert jewelry might not be a bad idea.


  2. I do have a medic alert bracelet, but I got it at a jeweler. It’s very dainty and I just never take it off. Mine says “cochlear implant” on the front and “No NRI – No PCN” on the back (I’m allergic to penicillin.)

    You have a good point, though, that paramedics might not realize that without our processors we are stone deaf… I have to think about that one. Do you sign, so if they see “deaf” and they got an ASL interpreter, would it help you at all?


  3. Liz, I don’t sign — I can fingerspell a little, but an ASL interpreter wouldn’t help me. But I do read lips really well! 🙂

    I’m allergic to penicillin too, so I may add that as well…thanks!! I assume PCN is a medical abbreviation for penicillin, huh? 😀

    Sandra, LOL…you are exactly correct!


  4. I think about that, too. I keep postponing it-getting a med alert bracelet or something.

    Funny thing, I fell down the stairs a few weeks ago. We had Christmas stockings on the railing that lead up the stairs and Kourtni was stuffing the stockings with candy and stuff in it on the stairs. I see her as I went around her, but my foot stepped on an empty plastic bag that held the goodies and weee—-I had a dignified landing. Butt-first. CI’s stayed on it’s magnet, but everything rocked for a moment. My tailbone smarted, but I forgot about it the next day. I didn’t feel anything sore, but Dan said I had a nasty bruise on my backside.

    Really gotta get that medic bracelet, though. Been putting that off too long.


  5. Just as an update: This is a site I really like — the bracelets are easily identifiable as Medical Alert bracelets, but they are pretty too! I think this is where I’ll probably get mine from:



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