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We’re probably going to spend this year working on the house…all those never-finished projects will (hopefully) be completed, and all the clutter cleaned up…in anticipation of putting it on the market next year so we can move to Michigan once Paige graduates high school in June 2012.  I’m alternately thrilled and terrified…it’s exciting to think about moving but also slightly horrifying with the way the housing market has been lately.  My dreams of actually making a profit when we sell the house died long ago…now I’ll just be happy to get the darn mortgage paid off.

One thing that makes me a little nuts is the constant recommendation to paint your house in neutral colors when you want to sell.  I love COLOR and really can’t stand beige, tan, white, taupe, etc.  I can handle a soft grey as long as I accent it with bold colors (our kitchen has a very light grey color on the walls with a deep cranberry trim and accent color, for instance….Paige has grey walls in her bedroom, with bright yellow and purple for her trim and door colors). I like walking into a house with color – it feels alive and welcoming to me.

So anyway, my bathroom is lime green and sky blue, my main wall going into and including the hallway is bright TiVo orange (the color of the “v” in the TiVo logo, which I used to match the paint color, seriously!) and our guest room is a bright blue with white trim and orangey-red accents.  I love all of these colors and I’m not planning to repaint them.  I mean, when I look at houses I really don’t even care how they’re painted and/or decorated…that’s the easiest thing to change.  So if I bought a house full of boring (to me) tan and beige walls, no biggie…I’d just make sure I paint everything first thing.  I look at the layout of the house, structural integrity, where it’s located…things I can’t change, you know?

We still have two living room walls to paint, and our bedroom as well.  And I’m torn.  Do I go with colors I really can’t stand, knowing we’ll be listing the house in the next year, year and a half?  Or do the colors we already have doom us enough to future buyers that I should just paint the walls the colors I want?

Notice I said “the colors I want”.  I’m lucky in the sense that Dave pretty much goes along with whatever crazy color scheme I mention – he originally painted all the doors and trim in our hallway a dark olive green on a spur of the moment whim.  I seriously had no idea he planned to paint – one day he just started taking doors down and painting with some paint he got at a resale shop (which I didn’t even know we owned).  It looked terrible because the walls were done in this faux-finish of mauve and Wedgewood blue over white (which is what is still on the two living room walls, and that is why they need to be repainted).  So we looked at it for a few weeks, thinking of wall colors, when I suggested orange.  But it had to be bright, to counteract that drab olive color.  Dave laughed, then realized I was serious.  I grabbed our TiVo manual, which has that orange color on the bottom of the spine, put it against the door trim and showed him how it looked – just the right hint of bright warmth without it being neon obnoxious.  Once we painted, he loved it.  So though he might question some of my ideas, he lets me run with them and gives me his blessing when it comes to paint color.

So that’s what we’re heading into for 2011…lots and lots of home renovating.  On top of all that, I’m thinking about a potential new business to replace the candle business when we move.  We definitely won’t be bringing all the candle-making supplies to Michigan:  it’s not making enough money to make it worth the hassle, especially with the cost of wax tripling from when we first started the business 10 years ago.  (We used to pay about $35 for a case of wax and we could pick it up locally; now we pay around $85-90 per case and have to have it shipped, which adds almost $20 more…ugh.)  I really like being my own boss, so I’m hoping to keep employing myself … if I can just figure out what my next career move will be.  But that’s another post.  🙂


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  1. Hey Wendi! Why are you wanting to move to Michigan? When I move.. it is SOUTH! lol. Anyway… as a real estate agent.. I really would recommend neutral colors. I know it’s drab and dreary to you, but you are competing in the housing market and most of the people that I have taken through homes always comment on the freshly painted, neutral homes because they won’t have to do so much work. You want them to picture themselves in your house.. you don’t want to have them picture YOU in the house. LOL. You can have some awesome nice colors.. accent with trim and molding…

    I don’t know what flooring you have buy wood and laminate go over the best too.. no one seems to want carpeting anywhere but the bedrooms.

    I’d also- even though it’s a year away, start watching the market in your area through sites like Zillow/Trulia and Realtor.com or KW.com to see the homes, what is selling and what isn’t selling. Go through open houses and see what they are like. And make sure you get a good agent for selling your house AND get a buyer agent in Michigan too.

    Ha.. sorry. I am really enjoying my second career as an agent… once I retire teaching I”ll do it full time. 🙂 If you have any questions feel free to ask me.


    • Gina, thanks SO much for your comments! I know those boring neutral colors are recommended, lol. I will probably give in and do those last rooms like that, even though it pains me. 😀

      Michigan is waaay more affordable for us, and this way we will be about halfway between my family and Dave’s family, so we can see everyone with about the same amount of driving. I like Michigan (and so does Dave, since he’s from there — Paige also likes it). I’m not a hot weather person, I like snow and the changing seasons, so it’s a good fit all around. 🙂

      It’s so good to hear from you and I really appreciate your feedback!!




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