Bullet Points

  • If you post on Facebook and say that you like snow, you’re guaranteed to get some angry responses from folks offering to send you their snow.  Talking about snow is like talking about politics or religion.
  • I like snow, but I think I will stop announcing it to everyone on Facebook.  It will be my dirty little secret.
  • Half the time when I am sitting at my computer,  I am craning my neck to look around my cat, Sabrina.  She loves to place herself in the space on my desk between my keyboard and the monitor.
  • Yes, I have a desktop computer and I prefer it 100% to the laptop.  How do people touch-type on laptop computers?
  • I also use a Microsoft ‘Natural Ergonomic’ Keyboard.  It’s the only way I can type without my hands getting sore.  This keyboard also elicits strong reactions from people (95% of them hate it).
  • Three of our cats were feral (as in, born and lived outside and no exposure to people, not house pets who were left to fend for themselves).  We took them in and they live indoors now; over the course of the past 4-1/2 years, they have gotten used to us and are friendly and affectionate.
  • However, we can’t (and don’t) pick them up.  I’m pretty nervous about moving them to a new house when we move.
  • I think I will let Dave be in charge of corralling them into the crates when the time comes.
  • Right now we have 5 cats, 1 dog, 2 guinea pigs and a hedgehog.
  • I still beg Dave to take in stray cats when we see them.  I’m a sucker for strays.
  • I’m letting my hair air dry right now, so my ‘ears’ are off.  It’s really weird to type and not hear the keyboard.
  • But it’s very nice to hear silence and not tinnitus!!
  • I’m 46 years old and still feel like I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

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I'm a real-life bionic woman.

Posted on January 26, 2011, in Observations. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Yikes, Wendi! Yes, yes I am one of the haters… snow haters, that is! And I think I was maybe the first one on fb to offer to send you ours (or tell you to keep it there?) LOL – sorry about that! Snow definitely elicits strong feelings! I was just thinking that yesterday. A lot of our fishermen come from Minnesota – don’t even get them started on the subject of snow this year! That being the case, I was talking to one of the MN fishermen yesterday and he was heading out on a snowmobile trip today and was super happy & excited about the winter they’ve had! That made me laugh – it’s all perspective, right? Some people embrace it, some don’t. For me, if I don’t have to go anywhere for days until the plow has come by and the yard is cleared, the snow is fine & pretty, but when it affects me having to be travelling in it, worrying about being able to see, trying not to end up in the ditch or getting stuck, that I can live without it.


  2. OMG Bonnie, no need to apologize! 😀 It doesn’t bother me, it’s just funny how strongly people feel about snow, LOL. I never realized it until I started posting the “yay, snow!” statuses on Facebook and saw how many people did not agree with me. haha!

    It’s okay, I’ll take your snow whenever you want, you know that, girl!! love ya!


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