Our latest ReStore find

I was going to write about Christmas cookies today, but we just got back from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and I thought I’d give them a quick shout-out.

I had never heard of ReStore until I ran across a mention on a home design blog.  I was looking for desk ideas – we had two huge, hulking desk/hutch setups right next to each other extending from the dining room into the living room.  They served the purpose well when we were really busy with the candle business, but at this point we were ready to tidy things up and consolidate the work area.  I wanted to see if there were any ideas for making a two-person computer desk, since we both still use desktop computers.

The blog I found showed the kind of desk I was looking for, with the wood top set onto kitchen cabinets that they had painted.  They scored the cabinets from the ReStore in their area and I was truly shocked at how inexpensive they were.  All it took was a quick internet search to find out we had a ReStore just about 10 minutes away from us!  (We did end up building our own two-person desk, but not with kitchen cabinets for the base.)

Now we stop in our ReStore any time we have some kind of household project in mind.  They get new stuff in all the time and you just never know what you might find.  We’ve scored furniture, paint, deck stain, window treatments, wood for trim and thresholds, even replacement glass cover-thingys (what are those called?!) for our ceiling fan after the original one broke.

Our score today was the window treatments.  We redid the downstairs over the summer and still hadn’t really finished the windows.  We bought some bamboo roman shades that were a little too sheer, and they just didn’t look right.  Dave was actually looking for trim today (no luck on that) and I was wandering in the clearance section when I came across custom-made valances with fabric that completely matched the paint on the walls downstairs.  They had a large piece for $3 (!!) and three smaller pieces for $1 each.  We didn’t have a measuring tape with us and we weren’t sure which pieces would fit, so we just bought all of them because they were so cheap.  We’re going to have to do some fitting and trimming, but between all the pieces we bought they should work perfectly.  Now I don’t have to make curtains to go over the shades…and it only cost $6!

They really have so much there – our store has tons of kitchen cabinets, plus all kinds of doors and windows, tile, paint, stain, hardware, used appliances (washers, dryers, stoves, etc.), toilets, window treatments, light fixtures, furniture, chairs, and various household things like paintings, dishes, vases and other knickknacks.  Right now our store even has a bunch of theater seats!

I’m not affiliated with them or getting compensated for this, by the way – I just figured I’d share in case someone else out there has never heard of this store before and could use some bargain home repair finds.

We were able to get the primer and all the paint to do the downstairs (we were painting over dark, nasty paneling) for about $26 total – all the paint was either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.  The primer alone was a massive savings – we needed some really heavy-duty stuff because we were painting over paneling instead of drywall.  The actual paint we came up with is a combination of various colors we bought and then mixed – it turned out to be exactly the color we were hoping for.

Downstairs - before

Downstairs – before

Downstairs - after

Downstairs – after

One of my favorite finds is what I call the Robot Pantry – it was part of a Scan-Design wall unit from the 60s or 70s.  I just thought the shape looked really interesting, even though the wood was kind of worn and it wasn’t the full wall unit.  We got it for $23, hauled it home, painted it an aqua blue shade (with very light gray on the side rails) and used it to replace the boring chipboard pantry we were using.  I think it looks kind of retro and with the door pulls it reminds me of a robot, hence the name.  🙂

Robot Pantry

Robot Pantry

I can only hope that we have a ReStore near us when we move!


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  1. I LOVE our Habitat for Humanity store – never know what you will find! 🙂
    Great post, Wendy 🙂


  2. I covet your Robot Pantry. We need something like that for our tiny, old, un-ergonomic, and storage-poor kitchen.

    Plus that blue is so pretty!

    We use the local Re-Store extensively. Considering that my husband and I are trying to renovate two houses concurrently while working retail jobs, secondhand building supplies aren’t just a bonus, they’re a necessity!


  3. We love the ReStore too! We have one near us (and it will be nearer when we move) and one that’s a bit farther away, but bigger and nicer. It’s such a great place to browse.


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