Willpower and Advent Calendars

Paige and I were talking this afternoon, and she kind of sighed and said, “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas time.”  I agree, but I have my own reasons for feeling that way (snow, where are you?!) and I know she doesn’t like snow.

“Why do you say that?” I asked, curious to see if it was weather-related or something else.

“There’s no advent calendars!”  She pouted a bit and I grinned at her.

“Well, you had one but you ate all the candy right away!”

Yep…I picked up a chocolate-a-day advent calendar at the store last month, and gave it to her as we were driving her back to college from Thanksgiving break.  When we picked her up for winter break, I asked if she brought her advent calendar and she grinned as she told me she ate all the candy at once.  I knew she was going to run wild when she left for college!  🙂

I didn’t set out any advent calendars this year, for the first time since 1991.  It was definitely weird – we have three advent calendars, so each kid would do one calendar and then take turns doing the third.  (And they really kept track of that – nobody got to do that calendar two days in a row!)  When Eric grew up and left home, it fell to Paige to do the three calendars…and now they are just packed away in a box.

I guess I’ll just keep them for the memories, or the possibility of passing them down to the kids when/if they start their own families.  I have some Christmas decorations from my own childhood that I absolutely cherish, so maybe Eric and Paige will feel the same way about their advent calendars.  I definitely know better than to trust them with chocolate-a-day advent calendars from now on!  🙂


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