Christmas Highlights

Some vignettes from the past couple days:

  • Talking to Paige about her schooling and finding out she’s interested in midwifery.  She was delivered by a Certified Nurse Midwife and I kind of love that this is a possibility for her.
  • Eric proudly showing us photos of his very first apartment (in the Logan Square area of Chicago).  It was great seeing the look of excitement and pride in his eyes.
  • All the squirrels visiting our deck on Christmas Eve.  We got to hand feed them and watch them cavort and play; Eric called it our ‘cavalcade of squirrels.’
  • Paige missing her college friends.  Although I’m not glad she’s sad about being away from them, I’m glad to see she’s made some good friendships after a rocky start with a bad roommate situation.
  • Eric telling us happily about his job, which he really enjoys (the people as well as the work).
  • A forecast for snow flurries on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the following day.  Not enough to be a nuisance but just enough to make it pretty and Christmas-y.
  • Paige telling me that she’s not really anticipating Christmas like she did when she was a kid; she’s more excited about watching people open the things she gave them.  Spoken like a true A-dult (as opposed to a B-dult, as Dave would say).
  • Eric grinning and telling us that he’s finally “A real boy!” as he describes all the positive moves he’s made in his life this year.
  • Kissing my husband under the mistletoe – this man that I’m madly in love with…he’s my favorite, favorite thing.
  • Having my family all under the same roof, happy and healthy and together.

To those that celebrate it, Merry Christmas Eve and, since I’ll be taking the day off from writing tomorrow, Merry Christmas!



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