Holiday Hangover

Well, I skipped another writing day yesterday…I was deep in the throes of a Christmas Hangover and just couldn’t bring myself to put fingers to keyboard.  The day after Christmas I always feel sad, tired and like I didn’t drink enough water.  After all the anticipation and the activity associated with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I kind of wander around aimlessly, missing the kids and the commotion and needing to hit my Reset button to get back on track.

Happily, this is the effect of a really wonderful Christmas and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m fine after a day of readjustment, and looking forward to New Years Eve and a brand new year.

I got an extra gift from the kids this year because they worked it out with their dad to go to his house on the morning of the 26th instead of Christmas afternoon.  Getting the whole day and evening with them was such a treat!  We spent Christmas afternoon/evening at my mom’s house; she threw together a dinner at the last minute and it was absolutely terrific.  We got to spend time with my brother and his family, and the kids got to see their cousins (a rare event now that Paige is in college and Eric is working and living in the Big City).

There were two gifts that were kind of funny this year, as far as coveting and envy go.  First Paige opened a quilt that I made for her (there’s a back story I’ll get to in a second) and Eric was seriously jealous.  His mouth fell open and he said, “Wait…I want a quilt!  Mine is so old it’s starting to fall apart.”  He looked a little sheepish as he admitted this, and I had to remind him that his childhood quilt is really old now; he was 5 when I made it and he’s 22 now.  (Both kids got twin-sized quilts at that age – I let them pick out the pattern and we shopped for the fabrics together.)  Then he reminded me that a few years ago he asked me to make a quilt with the Bauhaus (band) face logo on it.  (That’s being put off til after we move and I have the mental energy to figure out a pattern.)  So we continued opening gifts, and Eric got to his last gift which was…a quilt.  🙂  I figured he’d need a new lap quilt for lounging around in his new apartment!

I got the idea when Paige was home for Thanksgiving break, because she was mending her childhood quilt (fixing some squares that were worn away).  She was going through my boxes of fabric and came across a bag; when she opened it up, there was a huge Millennium quilt top inside.  This was a project the whole family got involved in back in 1999.  I signed up for various swaps where people would send a certain number of 3” fabric squares to other people in the group; the idea was to get 2000 squares and make a quilt out of them to commemorate the year 2000.  We printed out a map of the US and taped it to a cabinet in the kitchen; as the envelopes came in, the kids would color in the state the fabric squares came from.  Our goal was to get fabric from every state in the US and I believe we either met or came very, very close to that goal.  (I still have the map somewhere.)

Dave and I had pieced the squares together in general color groups, 25 squares to a block.  I had two sections done and they were pinned together, ready to be joined into one big quilt.  That’s when I put the project in a bag and forgot about it for 13 years.  (!)  I decided to unpin those two sections, which were each lap-quilt-sized, and finish them so each of the kids could have a new lap quilt for Christmas.  All I had to do was add the batting and backing and quilt them.  I’m really glad that the kids enjoyed the quilts so much!

The other gift that surprised me was a Camelbak filtered water bottle.  This was originally going to be for Paige, since she was filling her regular water bottle up with tap water in the dorm and I figured it would taste better with a bottle that filtered the water.  I ended up getting a great deal on two bottles, and Eric had mentioned almost passing out at work this summer because he was dehydrated and it was so hot, so I figured he could use a bottle as well.

Eric opened his first and Paige just freaked out, talking about how much she had researched Camelbak (she wants to do some hiking trips this summer and was researching the paraphernalia involved) and just generally getting very excited about the water bottle he had received.  She really squealed when she opened her own water bottle a little while later!  After we were all done opening gifts and I was in the kitchen making sausage pepper gravy (while Dave made biscuits), she confessed to me that she had been a bit put out that Eric got the water bottle instead of her.  She was laughing as she admitted this, and it really was funny that both of the kids had their moments of envy because that never, ever happens – they usually both want very different things and would never covet something that the other one received.

I’ll sign off with a picture that Eric took Christmas morning while I was cooking.  I’ve discovered that I prefer pictures taken from above (it seems to lessen the jowly effect) and since Eric is over a foot taller than me, he was definitely taking this photo from above!

Cooking Christmas breakfast...biscuits and gravy!

Cooking Christmas breakfast…biscuits and gravy!


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  1. Sandra Tirabassi

    Another great Parable..Loved it so much es We had a wonderful Christmas


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