Another Day

When I opened my eyes this morning, Dave was already up and out of bed.  One of our kitties (we call her Baby Grace) was cuddling with me – she’s very shy and this is pretty much the only time I can coax her over for chin scritches and snuggling.

I was reading on my NookColor, petting Baby Grace, and she suddenly jumped up and shot off the bed.  I knew Dave must be heading toward the bedroom, and sure enough he came in and came right up to my bedside.  It was dark, I had my glasses off and of course I couldn’t hear (I don’t wear my CI processors to bed) but he was signing very expressively and even without my glasses I could tell what he was saying.  It’s snowing!  Big flakes!


I’ve been reading all kinds of Facebook statuses across the country from people who are getting tons of snow.  I’ve seen pictures of snowed-in backyards, and envied people in Arkansas and Arizona their many inches of snowfall.  But here in the Chicago suburbs, we still have yet to have enough snow to even cover the grass.  There’s a few little patches of snow here and there, and if I look just at our deck (where the snow doesn’t melt as fast) I can convince myself that we have “snow.”  But really – nah.  We don’t.

So this morning was a delight, with big flakes falling gently and the snow starting to cover our driveway and lawn.  I had high hopes!  We went out to the post office to ship a couple of orders.  (Lately we spend more time shipping candle-making supplies rather than actual tarts – we’ve been selling all the extra supplies on eBay, and we’re down to mostly wicks at this point.)  I got to walk in the snowfall as I took the orders in, and it was starting to feel magical.

Alas, it didn’t last.  And the snow we were promised over Christmas turned out to be a few teeny-tiny pellets of snow-like stuff, barely visible.  Seriously – you’d think we’d be buried in snow living where we do, but every year it seems to snow less and less!

This has been another quiet day – Dave is fighting off another cold (he says he feels like he’s caught three different colds back to back, poor guy).  I’m about to finish a book I’m reading (Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind – I highly recommend it!) and start dinner in about an hour (a clone of Outback Steakhouse’s onion Walkabout Soup).  All the boxes from Christmas have been sorted and nested and are ready to be packed away for another year, Spike the hedgehog’s cage has been cleaned, I watched the outdoor kitties come for a snack and wondered (yet again) whether they have homes or if they are actually living outside in this cold weather.  (Then I looked at my former-feral girls and said a silent prayer of thanks that we were able to rescue them and they have a warm, safe home.)  I decided I’m over-plucking my eyebrows and I need to let them grow in, then I researched brow kits to help during the transition.  I made Dave lunch, which is progress; it might be the first lunch he ever allowed me to make for him while he was feeling sick.  I spent some time on Facebook and silently commiserated with my son, who moved into his very first apartment on Wednesday but found out he has no utilities or water (no heat!) until Monday.  Tonight we’ll probably pick up where we left off on Breaking Bad (episode 8, season 2) and plan to finish the season over the weekend.

I don’t usually appreciate these slow, low-stress, hanging-out kind of days like I probably should.  So I’m going on record today:  It was a good day (even without a lot of snow).  I’ll take it.


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  1. 🙂 Agreed on the take-a-breath-and-appreciate-the-day-for-what-it-is mindset. 😦 about Eric’s apt – that sucks for him, but he’s young and will persevere and this will all become part of the adventure. And, my dear, I will use all my mental power to will any forthcoming snowflakes that appear here to move themselves southeasterly to you as we have *enough*! (And by the way, thanks for being back at the blog, I love your writings & musings!)


  2. Bonnie, it’s so nice to know you’re reading! I miss those days of pen pals although FB is pretty great too. 🙂 I will be happy to take any and all snow you can will in this direction!


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