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I think I’ve mentioned this before, but every time we watch a movie or TV show with an apocalyptic sort of setting (mainly where there’s no electricity), I always think, If I were in that situation, my CIs wouldn’t work and I’d be deaf.  Of course, I’m deaf either way but you know what I mean – I wouldn’t be able to hear, ever.  Unless the electricity came back and I could recharge my batteries, that is.  Even Dave would be in a bad way – he could use his hearing aid only until his batteries ran out (and we could no longer find a store that carried them).

Or, in the case of the tsunami in Indonesia and other countries near the Indian Ocean (we watched The Impossible last week…what a great movie!), we definitely would be screwed because our hearing instruments would be ruined by being in that water (assuming we survived, of course).  I actually told Dave, “Wow…if that was me I’d be deaf and practically blind, because my contact lenses would definitely get washed out of my eyes in that situation!”  (I am very, very nearsighted – if I didn’t have contacts/glasses that could correct my vision, I would be legally blind.)

It’s just this weird little thing I do; I have no idea why.  But the other day I got myself all worked up over something similar in The Walking Dead.  In that show, most of society has been infected by a virus that turns them into zombies; the survivors are banding together (or fighting each other, in the recent storyline) and we see them doing things like going into abandoned stores and looking for food and supplies.  So you figure it’s been a while, right?  At least a year, maybe more?  Well, I noticed that only one person on the show seems to wear glasses.  And, come on, I imagine a lot of people in real life need glasses or contact lenses…is it really possible that every character on the show but one has 20/20 vision?  What do they do if they wear bi-weekly contacts (like me) and need more?  You can’t exactly order them or go to the doctor.  What if a zombie chases them and they lose their glasses?  What do they do – they can’t really replace them, after all.  I know it’s silly and it’s TV and it’s a zombie show, don’t take it so seriously, omg, but it still drives me crazy.

That’s the kind of thing I’d get a kick out of watching —  instead of all the fighting and warring factions and all of that, I’d like to see how people deal with the reality of living in a world where all the things we take for granted are suddenly wiped away.  This doesn’t apply to The Walking Dead, by the way.  I love the way they handle the show and keep a mix of personal stories and violence, actually.  I’m thinking more of shows like Jericho (which was canceled a few years back).  The scenario was that nuclear bombs went off across the US and the people in this small town in Kansas don’t know why they suddenly have lost power and are cut off from the rest of the world.  I was hoping they would focus on the real-life “How do we deal with this?” scenarios, but instead they spent too much time focusing more on fighting.  The first few shows were promising, though!

I guess it wouldn’t be very fun to watch people stumbling around on The Walking Dead because they don’t have glasses anymore.  But Dave did get a good joke in, after I was done with my mini-rant.  He pointed out that if, in fact, I was in a zombie apocalypse and no longer had contacts or glasses, I would also be shambling along with my hands out in front of me, just like the zombies.  I would fit right in!

Paige as a zombie for Halloween...guess it runs in the family!

Paige as a zombie for Halloween…guess it runs in the family!


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