Dream Weaver

When I was a kid, I used to have a few recurring dreams.  Usually they were scary; one dominant theme involved going into the basement of a house (not my own basement, though) and dealing with monsters/witches/general scary people.  I learned to kind of train myself to tell it was a dream and wake myself up, because it was really frightening and I could count on having one of these scary dreams at least once a week.

As I’ve gotten older my dreams don’t recur so frequently, but there are a few that I’ve had enough times now that I think Oh, another one of THOSE dreams when I wake up.  Of course, I have the school dreams, on various themes:  Can’t find my locker; can’t find my schedule and don’t remember where my classes are; have to take a test I haven’t studied for.  (On a side note, that happened to me in real life and it was horrible; I used to skip catechism/CCD class alllll the time and then once in a blue moon I would show up.  One of those days happened to be a test day, which was horrifying since I hadn’t been there in probably a month – the classes were once a week.  Ironically, I was the only person in class who passed the test, which just proved to me that it was a waste of time to go and I proceeded to become an official Catholic CCD dropout. )

I have the same dilemma crop up in dreams, in different forms:  I need to be somewhere at a certain time, and everything conspires against me so I end up being hours and hours late, no matter how hard I try.  I need to make a phone call and can’t dial the number properly, I need to button a shirt/get dressed/pick out clothes and it takes me hours, whatever.  I just can’t seem to actually get out the door and make it to wherever on time.  (God, that’s a frustrating dream!)

I used to have dreams about my teeth falling out (very, very freaky and scary) but luckily I haven’t had that one in a while.  Another dream I’ve had two or three times is the one where I find extra rooms in my house.  It’s never a house I’ve ever actually lived in, but I kind of love this dream because I walk around just freaking out at all the extra space I suddenly have, and I imagine all the things I can do with this house that’s mine but I never realized how amazing it was.  (Another side note, which was also my FB status for a while:  I got a new (to me) purse and it’s much more spacious than the one I was using. After I found two more inner pockets I didn’t know I had, I told Dave, “This purse is like one of those dreams where you’re in your house and you keep finding rooms that you didn’t know existed!”)

Sometimes I have dreams where I’m driving in a car and suddenly I’m going up a very large hill or bridge, and the car is barely hanging on; it’s like it turns into a rollercoaster.  In one of these dreams, the hill was so steep that I actually fell out and was hanging onto the door so I wouldn’t fall to the ground.  These absolutely terrify me and it’s so unexpected; it’s not like I start out in a car on this massive, horrible rollercoaster-like hill or bridge…it just happens after I’ve been driving for a while, and suddenly I realize the predicament I’m in.  ::shudder::

Another dream I’ve never heard of anyone else having (maybe it’s just me?) is one I have fairly often – I have to put my contact lenses in and suddenly they are huge, like the size of dinner plates, and I’m wondering how the hell they’ll fit in my eyes.  Sometimes they’re all gross and shriveled up, but I still have to wear them.  Usually, though, they are just huge.  But I manage to put them in and wear them without pain – it’s just that I confront them at first and think No freaking way!

One dream I’ve never had is one where I’m flying.  A lot of people mention having this dream and how much fun it is, but if I’ve ever dreamed about flying then I certainly don’t remember it.

As an adult, I don’t really have scary ‘monster/bad guy’ dreams like I did when I was a kid.  Dave, however, always tells me about dreams he has where he’s fighting:  zombies, crazed killers, radioactive spiders, etc.  If I had dreams like that, I’d be afraid to go to sleep!

Maxie watching over Dave while he sleeps

Maxie watching over Dave while he sleeps


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  1. My worst dream ever- but only understandable to moms of girls- I dreamt I was in some war-torn place, and there was a huge bonfire, and soldiers with guns behind me. I had a choice to throw my children on the fire, or let them watch me die, and be given to the soldiers. I didn’t sleep well for a long time after that! I would love to dream about extra rooms! And someone to clean them 😉


    • Oh Ellen, that would rank as my worst dream ever too! 😦

      In my house-with-extra-rooms dream, the rooms are usually clean (yay!) but empty and HUGE, so I get to imagine all the ways I could decorate or use that space. One time, though, it was a house that was in terrible shape and we were trying to figure out the most inexpensive way to renovate it…and then I found the extra rooms. Which made me feel like it was worth the time to renovate what was otherwise a pretty run-down house. 😉


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