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A few Sunday afternoon updates from our neck of the woods:

My oldest, Eric, turns 23 tomorrow and that just kind of blows my mind.  I mean, I can remember being 23 very well, unlike, say, age five or six.  In just two more years, he’ll be the age I was when I got pregnant with him.  Which was just a couple years ago, I swear!

Eric, all growed up

Eric, all growed up

We were trying to make plans to get together and celebrate his big day, and since it falls on a Monday that means we really have to plan it for a weekend.  We tentatively set it for today, and Paige came out (from her dad’s) a day early.  Then Eric couldn’t make it, so we got a bonus weekend with Paige!  🙂  Plans have been tentatively rescheduled for next weekend and fingers have been crossed.


Paige arrived at the train station yesterday brandishing her very own driver’s license.  She’s the first of the kids to get one (she turns 19 in August).  I noticed a trend with my kids and their friends:  very few of them get a driver’s license at age 16.  Out of 10 kids, maybe two will have a license and access to a car.

Neither of my kids was interested in driving and getting their license at 16, which is the complete opposite of how I was at that age.  In fact, I asked for driving lessons as my 16th birthday gift because I had a late August birthday and would have had to wait until the fall after I turned 16 to take Behind the Wheel in school.  So I did it through a driving school that summer, and went on my birthday to get my license.

It was very different back then – I took a class in school during sophomore year, did my (very few, maybe six) hours with the driving school that summer, a little bit of driving with my parents (my mom still talks about how I scared her when I was learning to drive…I don’t think their hearts could take much practice driving with me), took the driving test, passed and got my license.  Now if a kid aged 16 wants to get their license , they have to drive a minimum of 50 hours with their parents, and a certain number of hours have to be at night; you have to chart the weather conditions and how far they drove each time.  I think both kids got maybe two hours of driving with us, tops, before they just lost interest.  Once you turn 18, you don’t need to show all the hours of driving that you do if you’re 16.

Eric moved to the city and gets around via public transportation; a car would be a hassle more than anything right now.  He never did bother getting his license.  Paige waited it out until she turned 18 and then did some casual driving with her dad to brush up on what she’d learned at school and with us.  She took the test yesterday morning and passed on the first try!

Yay, Paige!

Yay, Paige!


Dave’s six week Hepatitis C viral load count was 35,000 … down from 1.6 MILLION just two weeks earlier!  The big test is coming up – this Wednesday, eight weeks in.  We are really hoping to see the number under 100, so he can do the 28 week treatment instead of 48 weeks.  Things are still going well, side-effect wise, with no change from what I reported before.  He is, however, really irritated that he hasn’t lost tons of weight.  Personally I’m glad he’s not suffering from nausea; after going through two pregnancies with some pretty major morning sickness, I can safely say I’d rather gain weight than constantly feel nauseated and grossed out at the thought/smell of food.  (Brushing my teeth made me gag…even the smell of bread baking at the grocery store turned my stomach!)


Dave diligently looks at houses in southwestern Michigan (where we hope to move in the next 18-24 months), daydreaming about what we’d do with each one as far as renovations or putting in a big garden or whatever.  He found one today that just blew his mind, and I have to admit that it did look perfect; it made me wish we were in a position to just buy it right NOW.  (That’s the only trouble with looking when you aren’t in a position to move yet…you always find The Perfect House and then it becomes The One That Got Away.)

He was showing me the pictures and describing everything, and then he excitedly said, “Really, it’s a plantation, not a house.  You would love it.  I’d even let you wear the curtains!”

I almost choked on my coffee when he said that; once I got a grip, I couldn’t stop giggling.  (This will only be funny to people who used to watch the Carol Burnett show.  It’s my favorite skit!)

Carol Burnett - Gone With the Wind

Carol Burnett – Gone With the Wind


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