Bugging Out

Anyone who knows me in person or is friends with me on Facebook probably knows that I’m terrified of spiders.  I don’t like their sneakiness, I don’t like the way they look, I don’t like how they drop from the ceiling onto our unsuspecting bodies.  Everything about them freaks me out, and the larger they are, the larger my screams when I encounter one.

Dave, on the other hand, loves spiders.  I mean, loves them to the point where he croons at them, especially the ones I hate the most:  the jumping spiders, the ones that look like miniature tarantulas with the added horrific talent of jumping right when you get close to them.  Some of these suckers get truly huge and they really, really scare me.  I’ve learned the hard way that Dave will NOT kill one of these spiders if he sees them.  He tries to trap and release them.  Of course, half the time they JUMP and then he can’t find them (while I hyperventilate and make plans to board up the room so we can no longer use it).  The other half of the time, his idea of ‘release’ is to open the patio door and toss them out…and then I find the same spider on my ceiling the next day.

What’s really fun is when he gets quiet and then actually kills a spider.  That’s how I know it’s one even Dave doesn’t trust.  For Dave to kill a spider, it has to be a Bad One.

Generally, I’ll call to Dave and request spider removal service instead of insisting he kill it.  This assuages my guilt somewhat, since normally I feel bad about killing anything, even a bug.  But if the spider is small and I can easily kill it (i.e., it’s in the bathtub with me [and it should know better] and I can wash it down the drain) then I’ll kill without hesitation.

Other bugs generally get to live, if I find them in our house.  We don’t get too many of them – the cats keep the fly population down (and any spiders within their reach, but the spiders in our house tend to hang out on the ceiling).  It’s been a while, but we used to get little bees in the house and I have no problem doing catch and release on them.  (Dave, on the other hand, HATES flying stinging insects and will dance around in horror while I calmly catch them.  At least it makes me feel useful, since he does all the calm spider-catching.)

Beetle bugs, earwigs…they don’t bother me.  But what always tugs at my heartstrings is a bug stuck on its back.  Usually it’s the little beetle-type bugs that do this.  I’ll see one on the floor, waving his little legs in the air, and I just feel so sorry for him.  I’ll find a piece of paper for the bug to grab onto and then release it outside.  (Sometimes I wonder if this is a worse fate, especially if it’s winter, but my bug survival knowledge is fairly scant.)  The other day I found an earwig on his back on the bathroom floor, which was a first.  He just looked so pathetic, waving away, and I couldn’t help but rescue him.  (June bugs are also notorious for this, but they’re generally outside on our front porch.)

Dave and I were out in the backyard this morning, checking the progress of the garden and herbs.  We were admiring the tomato plants that were planted next to the house when we heard a loud thwack.  I watched as something black fell into the dirt.  I looked up to see if something had fallen from the roof, but there was nothing else up there.  Dave said, “It’s a dragonfly!”  I looked closer and yes, it was a kind of weird, fat black dragonfly type thing.  He was on his back, his legs lazily cycling in the air.  “He hit the house – did you hear it?” Dave continued.  “I think he’s just stunned right now.”

That dragonfly must have really been moving fast for it to make such a loud noise when it hit our house.  We both heard it clearly.  Well, I couldn’t stand watching him lie there so I let him grab onto a piece of paper I was holding.  He clung for a moment, waving in the breeze, and then took off into the air.  We watched him narrowly miss our neighbor’s house and I called after him, “Watch where you’re going!”

In other, semi-bug related news, our grand-hog, Spike (my daughter’s hedgehog) is celebrating his third birthday today.  Instead of a cake, he got extra treats – some plain cooked chicken and egg yolk along with his bug delicacy:  mealworms.  Here he is, chomping away:

Happy 3rd birthday, Spike!

Happy 3rd birthday, Spike!


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  1. Oh my! You had me laughing out loud throughout this whole post. I, too, do not like spiders. I try to “catch and release” now due to a more healthy respect for them as I’ve friends who are like your Dave.

    I’m so impressed you both heard the “thwack” of a dragonfly with “mechanical” problems. If I were a flying insect, I’d totally be a “thwacker”. 🙂


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