On Getting Older – An Eyebrow Lament

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend in my eyebrows lately.  I haven’t been plucking them as much – I’m trying to let them grow in after decades of overplucking – but I do keep an eye on them when I do my nightly pluck-my-chin-hairs routine.  (Seriously…where did all the chin hairs come from?  Will I grow a beard if I become incapacitated and can’t pluck them?!)

So anyway, my eyebrows.  As I watch the new hairs grow in to fill in the previously-sparse areas, I’m realizing that most of these new hairs are gray.  And that looks really obvious against my very-dark-brown eyebrows.  I try to tame down the bright, shining white hairs with eyebrow powder or pencil; sometimes I just lose my mind and pluck them.

On one of my mom’s recent visits, I asked her.  “What did you do when your eyebrows started turning gray, Mom?  I was originally plucking them but if I keep doing that, I won’t have any eyebrows left!”  She laughed and answered without hesitation, “Oh, I dye them.  When I dye my hair, I dye my eyebrows too.”

Now, my mom’s been a hairdresser (hair sylist?) since the 70s and I totally trust her recommendations.  Of course, on the hair dye package they always warn not to use it to dye your eyebrows because it can cause blindness.  But they also tell you to always do a patch test and seriously, I’ve never done that.  So I figured I’d be a full-fledged rebel and ignore both of those warnings when I next dyed my hair.

I did a quick search online to make sure there wasn’t anything I needed to know besides the obvious:  Don’t get it in my eyes.  Basically the advice was to dab it on with a cotton swab and to go lightly with application so you don’t also dye your skin.

Today I decided to touch up my roots, and I went ahead and dyed my eyebrows after I got all the dye on my hair.  It went fine – my eyesight is intact and I used so little dye that my eyebrows pretty much still look very dark brown (the dye I use is Naturtint 6G, dark golden blonde – it lightens my dark brown hair to a bit more of a medium brown shade and makes the gray hairs look light brown with a golden shine).  My gray eyebrow hairs look more like dark blonde/very light brown hairs now though.  So it’s a modest success – maybe next time I’ll leave the dye on longer, who knows.

For the record, this is why it’s bad to brush curly hair:

Yes, it's frightening...no makeup and brushed curly hair.  AAIIEEEE

Yes, it’s frightening…no makeup and brushed curly hair. AAIIEEEE

I usually use my (very) wide tooth Denman to brush through my hair before I dye it, just to distribute oils from my scalp and kind of brush out any product from the day before.  My hair instantly becomes about three feet wide.  It looks so much more dramatic in person; the photo doesn’t do it justice.  Holy frizz, Batman!


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  1. Seriously about the chin hairs! And the root seems so deep! Makes my toes twitch when I pluck them!

    I’ve noticed the white eyebrows too. I’ve never been brave enough but may to this now! 🙂 I’ve noticed gray hair other places too (geesh can’t believe I’m just laying it out there), but that will remain salt & pepper. 🙂 I’m worried about dying my skin though. Wonder how the cotton ball or q-tip only gets the hair and not the skin? ‘course I guess my SCALP doesn’t turn light brown. I’ll give it a go! LOL


    • I was surprised I didn’t dye my skin, Denise! The dye just sits on top of the eyebrow hairs…maybe because they are much thicker than regular hair, it keeps it off the skin? I think I probably used the right amount, just didn’t leave it on long enough (I was paranoid since it was the first time).

      Like you, I’m not messing around with any other gray hairs I may find…haha!!


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