Magic Pants

Generally when I’m hanging around the house, I wear what I call ‘lounge pants’ … aka yoga pants or, on very cold days, fleece sweatpants.  I like the kind with the waistband that isn’t super-elasticky; there’s nothing I hate more than feeling like my stomach is being squeezed.

When I leave the house, though, I always change into regular pants — usually jeans.  It’s just something I’m weird about; even though my lounge pants are perfectly presentable and other people wear such pants when they’re out and about, it makes me feel icky.  So I change clothes.

Since the start of October, I’ve lost 16 pounds (yay!); between that and my daily walks on the mini-trampoline, my pants have started getting loose.  I have a few pairs of go-to jeans:  one is a pair of Jag jeans in the largest size I own, and then I have two pairs of jeans in a size smaller (my favorite of those two is my pair of Levi 512s).

Just for fun, I pulled out some pants I’ve had stashed in various drawers for years now.  These were all in the same size as the two pairs of jeans, and I’d been holding on to them in case I ever lost enough weight to fit back into them.  I was happy to find that all of them not only fit, but a couple are actually a little too big.  A couple pairs fit kind of weird now – baggy in the butt and legs, the waist fits but pinches just a bit when I sit down.  In other words, once the waist becomes totally comfortable, they’ll be huge in the butt and legs.

I’ve been popping over to Goodwill about once a week to keep an eye out for a pair of Levis in a size smaller.  There’s no way I’d pay full price because I hope to eventually outgrow the smaller size as well (I’m thinking positive here).  Well, who am I kidding – even when I reach my goal weight, I won’t pay full price when I know I can find jeans so much cheaper at Goodwill.

So ANYWAY, today we had to run out to the post office and I dutifully changed from my comfy sweatpants to a pair of jeans.  Just for kicks, I put on the Jag jeans.  These are the size I wore 16 pounds ago, and are two sizes bigger than the size I fit into now.  And they fit like a glove.  I mean, they fit just the same way they did on October 1st.  It’s like some kind of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants thing happening here.

On the one hand, I was a little pissed – I mean, come on!  After two and a half months of exercise and weight loss, how could they fit the same?  Especially when my smaller sizes are hanging off me?!  Then I realized it was kind of funny, and I sort of appreciated having a pair of jeans that still hugs my curves.  (I have to say, they are just a teeny bit saggy in the butt … but not as much as the other pairs.)  I guess they must use some kind of SuperSpandex in their jeans, making them very versatile if you need a pair of jeans to see you through a few months of weight loss, or weight gain — I imagine they work as well in the opposite direction!

Now I just call them my Magic Pants.


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  1. I need to long how long you do your trampoline thing for and do you do it every day? You are an inspiration Wendi!
    I know it can’t be easy with all that cooking you guys do!


    • Laurie, I just love my trampoline!! I do it every day, and I’m up to 25 to 30 minutes each night. (I do it about an hour after we finish dinner, while we’re watching TV.) In the beginning, I could barely do it for 10 minutes. It’s surprising how much it gets your heart rate up!

      Basically I just walk in place; I start out slower and then try to do a long stretch at a faster pace. We got the trampoline for around $30 at Wal-Mart last year or so (it’s a Weider). It’s the only way I’m sure to exercise during the winter, and it is gentle on my persnickety knees and back. 🙂


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