Back when we had our pair of huge desks, I used to hang a mini calendar from the back of the desk (the part that connected the shelves to the desk itself).  When we switched to our streamlined double desk, sans shelves, I realized I had nowhere to put my calendar.  So now I have this little calendar, just something I picked up at my bank, and it’s so useful.  It’s the kind that flips over a month at a time, with a little cardboard stand so I don’t have to attach it to anything.

My very useful, but boring, desk flip calendar (or whatever it's called)

My very useful, but boring, desk flip calendar (or whatever it’s called)

As the end of the year approached, I realized I didn’t have a replacement calendar.  We made our annual visit to Barnes & Noble for their 50% off calendar sale to get a new kitchen calendar, but I couldn’t find any that didn’t attach to a wall.  It was either wall calendars or planners, no flip/desk calendars to be found.

Yesterday I decided to search around on Etsy to see if I could find a cute handcrafted calendar for my desk.  I wasn’t really sure what to search for, because I’m not exactly sure what this type of calendar is called.  After a few different searches, I landed on a page of search results that was mostly downloadable, printable calendars.  I wasn’t really interested in that because the only printer hooked up right now is our black and white laser, and if I was going to pay money to print something myself then I’d want it to be colorful and pretty.  After checking out a few of the pages, I realized they were meant to fit into a CD case that was modified to be a calendar stand.  You just take off the cover, reverse it and click it back on.  Then you can slide your own artwork inside to display it.  How cool is that?!

Back in the day, I was really into paper crafting and rubber stamp projects.  I took classes and was part of a group that met monthly; we made calendars, gift tags, cards, etc. for group swaps, and just generally had a good time.  I started getting out of it in the mid-90s, once Paige was born, because I couldn’t keep up with two kids and all the paper crafting stuff as well.  Seeing those CD case calendars, though, brought back a lot of memories.

So that was my project yesterday – finding some templates that would look good in black and white, be large enough for my aging eyes (this was the hardest part), and would fit my CD case.  I tend to fall down the rabbit hole when I embark on these types of projects, and this was no exception.  I quickly discovered that most of the templates were meant to be used with your own artwork (photos, rubber stamps, etc.) and the calendar part was actually very small.  I keep my calendar fairly far back on my desk, and needed the numbers to be readable.  On top of that, most of the templates were PDF files that I couldn’t edit so I couldn’t make the font bigger.

By the end of the day, I hit on a compromise:  a template that looked good printed on pink marbled vellum (to give it some color) with a separate calendar cut out and mounted with 3-D tape to make it easier to read.  I love it – I think it looks kind of funky, and I like knowing it was free.

My 2014 CD case calendar

My 2014 CD case calendar

View from the side

View from the side

My project today was also related to timekeeping.  For Christmas, Dave got me a new tablet.  I’d been using a 7” NookColor, one we’d bought when they first came out, that Dave had hacked and turned into a tablet.  It was running Android Gingerbread, which I guess is pretty old as far as Android operating systems go.  Dave couldn’t stand it any longer, and got me the new Nook HD+ tablet.  I used it as-is for a few days, getting used to the new layout, and we figured we might just leave it alone because it was pretty good already.

Then I realized quite a few of the apps I used to use were not compatible with the new tablet, so Dave decided to put Android Jelly Bean on.  (I think he was just itching to do this anyway, to be honest.)  Now my apps are all compatible (yay!) but the one thing that was bugging me was the new status/notification bar.  In Gingerbread, it was on the bottom and it always stayed there so I could see my clock, my notifications, etc.  In Jelly Bean it has been moved to the top, and even though my tablet is now bigger (8.9” versus 7”), the status bar is now miniscule.  It’s hard to read the clock, and my Accuweather temperature looks like it’s in a -5 font size.

I spent a few days trying to find out if there was a way to make the status bar bigger, and finally resigned myself to the fact that I need to get used to the new size.  That was okay, I could deal with that.  But some of my apps (Candy Crush Saga, I’m looking at you) go into a full-screen mode that makes the status bar completely disappear.  That means I can’t see the clock and I have NO IDEA how much time has passed while I play this addictive, time-sucking little game.  Usually I give myself a time limit so I don’t end up wasting hours crushing candies, and I really missed being able to see what time it was while I played.  I told Dave it was like being in Vegas, or what I imagine Vegas to be since I’ve never been there (no clocks anywhere, to make it easier to spend hours gambling … if they don’t do that, then they should).

I spent lots of time trying to find ways to get the clock back down to the bottom, where the system bar is (or whatever they call that area that has the back button, home button, etc.).  I looked for apps to change the clock or status bar; none of them did what I wanted (most wanted to hide the status bar entirely).  Finally I found it:  StatusBar in FullScreen, an app that does exactly what it says and keeps the status bar visible with full-screen apps.  Now my status bar may still be minute in size, but at least it’s always there!

I probably won’t be writing again until after the new year arrives, so … Happy New Year!  Here’s to an awesome 2014 for all of us.


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