Influenster VoxBox; Valentine Festivities

The doorbell rang this morning, making me and Dave jump and, okay, shriek just a little bit.  After we recovered, Dave answered the door and our mailman handed him the mail, which included a big pink cardboard box (which wouldn’t fit in our mailbox, hence the visit).  It was my J’Adore VoxBox!

Last month you may have noticed the new Influenster icon on the bottom right side of my blog (which is, unfortunately, not working at the time of this posting — hopefully it will be fixed soon).  Influenster is a panel that I joined in January, a place to review and seek opinions on a variety of products, websites, etc.  I love that kind of thing and it looked like fun, plus it was free to join.  After I did all the surveys related to my interests (you earn badges as you do so) I reviewed a few things, added the Influenster link to my blog, followed Influenster on Facebook and Twitter, and answered product questions.  It was a big flurry of activity in the beginning, and then I settled into a routine of checking in once a day to see if there were questions I could answer, that kind of thing.

You get a score based on your participation and such, and for the first couple of weeks my score was a big fat zero.  I figured maybe I wasn’t considered influential enough because I don’t have a YouTube channel or vlog (and never will – I hate myself on camera) so I had resigned myself to the zero.  Then one day I logged in and my score was suddenly 79, which was fun.  It hasn’t changed since then; I think the highest you can get is 100.

A couple of weeks ago, they sent me a survey related to the newest VoxBox, which they periodically send out to certain members.  I thought it was a box of samples, but it turns out these are full-size products (which was a nice surprise).  I answered the survey and waited to see if I’d be selected.  On Monday of this week, I got an email saying I was IN (whoo!) and I’d be getting the box.  I was completely caught off guard when it arrived three days later – I thought it might be here next week sometime.

So if you’ve been curious about Influenster, that’s the gist of it.  (If you are interested, I have four invites left — just email me or contact me on Facebook and I can send you one.)  Now, I know I’ll be taking a survey (once it’s available in my profile) on the box, and I’m sure they’d like it if I review the products, since that’s kind of the whole point of the exercise, ya know?  I haven’t gotten that far yet, so I can’t explain the process beyond getting the box at this point.  But here’s a photo of what was inside:

Influenster J'Adore VoxBox - February 2014

Influenster J’Adore VoxBox – February 2014

Dave gets to review the Vaseline Men’s Spray Lotion (I’m curious to find out why it’s specifically for men; I’m imagining it’s the scent).  I admit that I simultaneously blanched and did a little jump for joy when I saw the seriously HUGE bag of Hershey’s Kisses.  On the one hand, holy diet buster, Batman!  On the other hand, what a good way to satisfy a craving for some chocolate without eating a huge candy bar.  (Luckily I can handle just one or two Kisses; potato chips are my kryptonite.)

I squealed a little when I saw the KISS false eyelashes; Dave looked at me curiously and I admitted, “I have always wanted to try these!”  He said, “Really?” and I explained that I’d never had the nerve to buy them, but I was always curious about them.  I don’t even really wear mascara, even though I probably should.  I still remember the day back in freshman gym class when a girl I barely knew asked me what mascara I used.  “I don’t use any,” I confided, and she proceeded to freak out over how full and long my natural lashes were.  Ever since then, I’ve been convinced I don’t really need mascara.  Just goes to show how long a compliment will stick with a person – that happened to me 35 years ago.

My daughter will be the lucky recipient of the Frizz Ease flat iron spray, since I don’t use a flat iron.  I like that it only has one silicone in it and it’s not the kind that’s prone to build-up so she’ll be able to wash it out easily.  The Boots Botanics clay face mask is ALL MINE, though – I’ve already tried it and I love it.  Besides the fact that it doesn’t flake off, leaves my skin feeling soft, and is easy to remove, it’s also a fun way to scare the bejesus out of Dave (he did scream a little bit when I walked into the kitchen after applying the mask in the bathroom, unbeknownst to him).

Dave is the big tea drinker in the house so he was really excited about the Red Rose tea, a brand that is new to both of us.  I’m going to try it too; I don’t hate tea, I just usually drink coffee or water.  The flavors are unusual and intriguing – Crème Caramel and Lemon Chiffon.

In other news, we are having a very low-key Valentine’s Day because Dave is getting two teeth pulled that morning (so romantic!) and will probably not be up to chomping on steak for dinner.  Instead, I’m making some fresh tomato soup for him (using the tomatoes we canned from our garden) and we’re going to test a recipe for Cook’s Country, for low-fat French Silk Pie.  The timing of the test request was just too perfect (hopefully the recipe lives up to our expectations) so we’re going to make it today, let it chill overnight and then eat it tomorrow night.  Dave has promised that even if he can’t chew the crust, he will happily devour the soft filling.  We’ll finish off the evening with a rousing viewing of the Olympics and, perhaps, the movie Nebraska.  Our passion cannot be contained!


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