My Sexy Secret

I’ve written before about the challenges of growing up with curly hair.  And I’ve been surprised to find that the most popular post on my blog is one I wrote a few years ago about how to make flax seed gel (popular with many curly girls).  But one thing I’ve never divulged is my secret for sleeping on curly hair and not waking up with a rat’s nest in the morning.

Yes, I could just describe it.  But nothing gets a point across faster than photographic evidence.  The problem is, the photographic evidence is deeply humiliating.

To start, I don’t have a fancy phone with a fancy camera.  My phone’s camera is terrible, and you can’t see the picture you’re taking unless you look in a mirror.  As a side note, I used to think all phones were this way until I asked my son about it this past Christmas.  “How do you guys all take such good selfies?” I queried in a bewildered voice.  “Half the time I cut off part of my face, and all of my pictures come out terrible.”  Kind of like this:

This is better than most of my selfies.

This is better than most of my selfies.

After Eric finished laughing (seriously holding his sides laughing), he showed me his phone.  It has a camera on both sides (or something) and somehow magically shows him the image he’s about to snap.  These kids totally cheat!

So I take my selfies in the bathroom mirror, using my regular Canon PowerShot camera.  I always have an awkward, forced smile in my pictures, and I hope to God I don’t really look like that in real life.

When you have curly hair, you can’t just wake up and brush it.  Well, you could but that would be a huge mistake.  Instead, you wake up and see that half of your curls have smashed flat and the other half of your hair is a big mass of frizz.  What I used to do:  wet my curls with water and re-style them, then dry them with a diffuser on my blow dryer.  What I do now:  wear a satin sleep cap to bed four nights a week.

I wash my hair three times a week, alternating between co-wash (washing with conditioner), a no-poo (shampoo with no sulfates) and a low-poo (shampoo with no sulfates but does have a cleansing agent like coco-betaine).  Therefore, I want to preserve my curls for the next morning since I’m not planning to wash my hair.  So if I’ve washed my hair that day, this is what I look like when I go to sleep:

Don't you envy my style?

Don’t you envy my style?

Sexy, right?

Luckily for Dave, I don’t bother to wear the cap the night before a hair-washing day.  I don’t care what my hair looks like in the morning since I know I’m going to be washing it, so why bother?

Dave claims he doesn’t care about the cap but I found it truly hilarious the first month or so I was wearing it.  I still make jokes about it, three years later.  I probably wouldn’t have had the strength or fortitude to wear this thing when I was younger; I was just too self-conscious and would have been mortified.  Now I’m kinda like, eh, whatever.  It saves so much time the next day that I can handle a little humiliation the night before.

Here’s why I love my satin sleep cap:  When I take it off in the morning, first I look like this:

Right after the cap comes off...hilarity ensues.

Right after the cap comes off…hilarity ensues.

My hair looks crazy (this picture doesn’t capture the craziness, really) but it’s easy to fix.  I just slide my fingers under my hair, by my scalp, and shake my hair out.  I reposition any curls that flipped to the wrong side or look really weird.  The most I ever have to do is re-wet an individual curl that’s gone insane overnight and is curling the wrong way (usually I clip it in place until it dries).

After one or two minutes of this, my hair looks like this:

Please ignore the crazed smile and focus on the non-bedhead curls.  Please.

Please ignore the crazed smile and focus on the non-bedhead curls. Please.

Or this:

Curly second-day hair

Curly second-day hair

If you, too, would like to rock this bedtime look, you can find these satin sleep caps dirt cheap (around $3 or so) at Wal-Mart and Sally Beauty Supply.  You can thank me later, sexy thing!


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  1. Interesting idea — a sleep cap.
    I have naturally curly hair and I hate it, too. After so many years, I realized that I won’t win the battle so instead of fighting it, I just let it go.
    My hair is pretty dry, so I don’t shampoo it everyday. I shampoo it once or twice a week. I condition my hair everyday – an absolute must! I have to wet my hair every morning and style it – like you, my hair is uncooperative in the morning. Oh, why do we put up with these curls?!
    After my shower, I apply Infusium 23 “Leave in conditioner treatment” #3 in my hair. Love, love, love, love that stuff. I put a nice amount of this in my hair then let my hair naturally dry and I’m set for the day.
    One of these days, I should try your method and see if that’ll work… thanks for sharing!


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