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Honey, We’re Home!

They say that moving is one of the most stressful things you can experience, and they aren’t kidding.  I’m happy to report, though, that we made it through fairly unscathed and now it kind of feels like we’ve been here for a long time.  When I look back and realize it’s not even been two weeks since we actually moved our furniture in, I’m kind of shocked.

We did a self-move, because when we got quotes on movers it was rather eye-opening.  Moving from one state to another, even just two hours away, makes a big difference in price.  Although we really wanted to hire movers with a big truck, we ended up getting three Relocubes from ABF (kind of like Pods, if you’ve ever seen those).  I was concerned about loading them up (we aren’t getting any younger) but then I did some research and found out that you can hire people just to do the loading/furniture-moving aspect .  So we hired two guys for two hours (although I think they got everything finished in about 1-1/2 hours) and they loaded all the heavy furniture and boxes.  They were able to get two of the Relocubes totally filled, which was amazing.  (It helps to hire people with experience in packing those things – you use every bit of available space, all the way to the ceiling.)

They drop the cubes in your driveway, and you get three days to fill them; if you do it sooner, you just call and have them pick them up sooner.  They were dropped off at about 4:30 on Monday, the guys came on Tuesday to pack two of them, and on Wednesday Dave packed the third one and we called for them to be picked up, which happened on Thursday around 11 am.  I think the most stressful thing for me was worrying about everything fitting into the cubes, which didn’t look all that big.  I was pretty sure we’d be leaving tons of stuff behind.  All of the furniture and boxed stuff fit into the two cubes though, which was a nice surprise.  The third cube was filled with the miscellaneous stuff from the garage that Dave wanted to take (building materials, etc.) and things we were using right up until the last minute.  We did end up filling that third cube and then kind of running out of space, so we had to leave a few things behind.  We were able to stop back at the house earlier this week when Dave went back to IL for one of his dentist appointments, so we put those things in the car and brought them back.

We loaded up the car (another VERY stressful experience, because these were things we needed to get us through the next five-six days while we waited for the cubes to be delivered) and that was where I had to leave a lot behind – most of the stuff in the fridge (the cooler was smaller than I realized), our house plants, etc.  (We did rescue the house plants this week, thank goodness.)  As soon as our cubes got picked up, we headed out.  Then we hit a major traffic jam near Gary, Indiana and the car started to come dangerously close to overheating – the needle was hovering right before the red area.  I was completely freaking out.  We made it though, and two hours later I was so glad to get out of the car and into our new house!

Our cubes weren’t delivered until Monday morning, so we had to work with the few things that were already in the house:  two lawn chairs, two TV tables, a twin bed, and some dishes I’d brought up earlier in July.  We’d also brought our TV earlier in July (we bought a new flat screen and left the old 200 pound tube TV at the old house), and we brought our computers with us in the car.

Getting ready for breakfast, in style.

Getting ready for breakfast, in style.

It didn’t take long to unpack the car and get things put away, and normally we would’ve spent the weekend exploring our new area of Michigan, but the car was scaring us.  Dave figured it was a sensor going bad, or maybe the thermostat.  In any case, we just stuck close to town until we could get it looked at.

We slept together in the twin bed Thursday and Friday nights, and that was an experience.  Dave gave up and threw a bunch of quilts on the floor for the next two nights, but he was very glad to see our queen bed on Monday night!

Dave’s sister, Laurie, her husband Tim, and our nephews Gage and Tucker drove down to help us unpack the cubes on Monday.  I thought it would take the full three days to get everything unpacked, but I underestimated the vigor of youth – the adults helped, of course, but those boys got all three cubes unloaded and were still bouncing around with tons of energy when they were finished!  Seriously, I don’t know how we would have done it without the four of them.  We started around 10 am or so and around 2 pm we were all sitting down for pizza in a restaurant downtown!

Nothing was broken, and our move went as smoothly as it possibly could.  As I said, it was stressful but mainly because of worrying whether everything would fit.  It was the closest Dave and I have ever come to really fighting – more than once before the move we had to sit down together and clear the air.  I would still like to be able to use movers and a truck the next time we move (not for a while yet, thank goodness) but I can highly recommend ABF and the Relocubes – we had a great experience with them.


The first of the Relocubes arrives in Michigan

We’re almost all settled in now, and the car is fixed (it needed a new radiator and two oxygen sensors, but at least we found a local mechanic that we like and trust).  We’re starting to explore our new surroundings and we are loving everything!  We’re both sleeping much later than we used to – partly because it’s dark later in the morning now that we’re on eastern time, and partly because we just sleep better here, and all that stress is gone.  We weren’t able to bring any of our garden plants – they were too mature by the time we moved – so I guess we’ll have to wait for spring to put in a garden.  We did get a little ornamental pepper plant (with deceptively HOT peppers) and a basil plant, and we already have chives, mint and oregano.  I’ve never grown oregano before even though it’s one of my favorite spices, and I find myself using it all the time – I guess I thought fresh oregano wouldn’t be as potent as dried, but I was wrong.

One of the big things that worried me when we first saw this house was that it echoed so much, to the point that I couldn’t understand Dave unless I was reading his lips.  Now that we’re all moved in, the echo is gone and I can hear just fine.  Everything, in fact, is more than just fine.

Our house is on the left :)

Our house is on the left 🙂

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