Hazel’s House

When we moved here, the first thing we noticed was the absence of a garage. There’s a big cement slab where the garage used to be, but it was torn down a year or so ago.

It was summer, though, and although we had to deal with the car (aka Hazel the Hyundai) feeling like an oven on the hot, humid days, we mostly didn’t worry about the lack of garage. We put up a shed so we had a place to keep lawn equipment and the tractor, and that was about it.

After a couple of months, though, we started thinking about maybe getting a carport. They are very popular in our area of Michigan; a lot of houses have both a garage and a carport. We’re just renting, though; even putting up a shed is kind of unusual for renters, I guess. We weren’t sure we wanted to go to the time and expense of putting up a carport, which we probably would’ve had to leave here when we moved.

When we first started looking online at sheds and carports, I’d sort the results by price and these car shelters would be the first items in the list. I joked with Dave that they looked like tents for cars. But after a while, we took a closer look at them. The price was right, most of them got really good reviews, and we could take it with us when we moved. We stopped joking and started giving them serious consideration.

Our car tent (er, shelter) turned out to be one of the best decisions we made. It’s sturdy, it keeps our car out of the elements, it was inexpensive compared to a carport, and it’s portable. It keeps the car cool on hot days, and not quite as bone-chillingly cold on cold days. We don’t have to scrape snow and ice off the car after a snow storm. When Dave has to work on the car, he can do it while protected from the elements.

Hazel's shelter (the door rolls up, and when we're done for the day, we zip it closed)

Hazel’s shelter (the door rolls up, and when we’re done for the day, we zip it closed)

(Keep that last sentence in mind. I have more car stories to tell, starting tomorrow.) [cue ominous music]


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