Holiday Colds Suck

You know how after you’ve been sick and then you have your first day when you’re feeling better, you feel absolutely amazing? Like, you had no idea how truly bad you were feeling until you have that first back-to-normal day. Well, that’s how it’s been for me today.

I have been super lucky over the past ten years or so, rarely getting sick with even a cold. I might have a day of the sniffles or a scratchy throat, but generally I don’t get truly sick. I think it’s partly from being able to work at home – I am so much less stressed than when I was working outside the home, and I also don’t get exposed to as many germs as before. I also give zinc much of the credit, though – once I started taking a zinc supplement, colds really became a thing of the past for me. I mean an actual zinc tablet, not the lozenges or cold remedy things – I split a 50 mg zinc caplet in half and take half every day along with my multivitamin.

So anyway, every now and then I do get bowled over with a cold … and that just happened. During the Christmas season, no less – not fair! Dave was sniffly over Thanksgiving, then it turned into a full-blown cold for him, and then my throat got kind of irritated. That lasted for a week, and then the day before we were supposed to go to Illinois, it turned into a definite cold.

My mom was scheduled for cataract surgery on Thursday and we were going to see her on Monday. The last thing I wanted to do was get her sick right before her surgery, but I also hated to miss seeing her altogether. I decided to let her make the decision, so I asked what she preferred that I do – stay away? Maybe meet us at Portillo’s for lunch instead of us going to her house for a few hours?

In the end we settled on a visit at her house with no actual touching – no hugs or kisses hello. We sat far away from each other. And it worked – she didn’t get sick and her surgery came off without a hitch. But wow, looking back on it I can see now how bad I was feeling that day. At the time it was just kind of like, ‘oh yeah, I feel a little run down.’ But once we got home that night, I had to confess to Dave.

As a side note – I have this weird habit of telling Dave if I experience any kind of unusual pain or physical symptom like dizziness, a headache (I almost never get them), that sort of thing. I tell him about it and add, “That way if I pass out or something happens to me, you can tell the ambulance people that I had this [headache, dizziness, sudden random pain in my abdomen].” He accepts this information good-naturedly, knowing it’s just one of my quirks.

So when I told him that night, “I have to make a confession. I was feeling really bad this morning. Like, ‘I think I might pass out’ bad. When we were at the rest area, I was actually taking deep breaths and walking very carefully because I was pretty sure I was going to lose it and pass out before we got back to the car,” he was properly horrified. This was so unlike me, after all. Normally I’d have told him every out-of-ordinary symptom I was feeling. I guess I just wanted to play down how I was feeling so he wouldn’t worry about me – he had his own dental appointment to worry about after all.

I still feel a little hoarse but my energy is mostly back, and I’m ready to fully embrace the holidays again. It’s amazing what a few good nights of sleep will do. Well, that and the absence of a stuffy nose and a sore throat!


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  1. Glad you are feeling better. Because I have a balance disorder, I’ve always thought that is why when I get a cold I feel like “death warmed over”. I guess because “head stuff” contributes to vertigo, I just feel extra bad and feeling as if you could pass out cold any minute, is a terrible feeling!


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