Daily Archives: December 30, 2014

Pushing the Envelope

This time of year has me thinking resolutions, of course. I’m not a big fanatic about New Year’s resolutions – I think of what I’d like to accomplish and then throughout the year I kind of touch base with myself, see how I’m doing. It’s usually always along a theme of ‘My god, get yourself under control woman!” Stop eating so much and lose weight. Stop spending so much and get your finances in order. That sort of thing.

This is the first year that my weight and my finances aren’t out of control. (And what a relief it is.) I don’t plan to abandon my restraint in those areas – barring a disaster, we will still pay off the credit card balance every month and save as much as we can; I’ll still exercise daily and watch my calories and portion control. But those things are habits now, not like I have to make a big resolution-y effort with them.

I’d love to put ‘buy a house in Michigan’ on my list, but that’s too much out of my control, so saving towards one is the best I can do.

I did think of something, though. I started stepping up my exercise last month, as a way to keep off the holiday pounds and also mix it up a little bit – I think my body was getting used to my usual routine. I haven’t had the best luck with jogging; it usually messes up my knees and I get winded so fast. But I thought I’d pull up the Couch to 5K website again, and follow it using my mini trampoline. I’m almost through week 7 now and I can do it! I have no idea, though, if it will carry through to jogging outside. I won’t know until the weather warms up, because I am definitely not a person who feels the need to run in the rain, snow, or frigid weather.

So I have tentatively resolved to run a real 5K sometime in 2015. Dave says he’ll do it with me. I’m nervous about it, but that’s the point of a resolution, I think … do something that makes you a little bit anxious. At the very least, it’ll be a first for me. And maybe I’ll discover that now I like jogging – real, in-the-outdoors jogging. Wouldn’t that be fine?

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