Winter in Michigan

I believe the last time I wrote, I was bemoaning the cold temperatures and our temperamental furnace. A little over a week later, and the furnace is going strong (YAY) and the outdoor temps are rising. And we have plans to go to our town’s Hunter Ice Festival. Yes, they are celebrating ice, outdoors, for three days. This is not the place to live if you hate the cold! Tomorrow we’re planning to do the chili crawl, on the last day of the ice festival. I’ve never done anything like that so I’m really looking forward to it (and I love chili, so … yum).

The festival kicked off this at 9:00 this morning with the annual Frigid 5K race, although it wasn’t very frigid at the time – I checked and it was in the low 30s. (Last year I think it was 12 degrees – brave souls!) Dave and I actually considered signing up for this race when we realized it would actually be pretty warm for Michigan in January. We came to our senses, though, when we thought about it – I haven’t done any kind of running outside (just jogging on my mini trampoline) and neither of us has any kind of appropriate clothing for cold weather running. We could have signed up to walk, I suppose, but I kind of wanted to jog my first 5K. Also, it’s probably not the best idea to sign up to run your first 5K in the cold, with snow and ice on the path you’ll be running. But it was exciting to talk about it for a few days! Maybe next year. (I really did want a race shirt though, darn.)

We made a trip to Illinois earlier this week, and Dave got his partial denture. He finally has a mouth full of teeth! He’s been working with just half his teeth on the bottom (not even half, really) – he has no teeth at all on the left side. He dropped me off at my mom’s on Wednesday and we tackled some of her technical issues while he went to the dentist. (He’s been getting his work done at a dental college in Downers Grove, and he was in the middle of treatment when we had to move.) My mom is seeing a specialist next week for her imbalance issue – it started in August and hasn’t really abated, so she’s hoping for some relief. They wanted her to complete an online new patient questionnaire and she was having trouble with it, so we sat down to tackle it as soon as Dave left. An hour later, we were finally done. My god, what a chore! I’m kind of curious to see if they even refer to it during her visit. (Mom, if you’re reading this – let me know if they do.) Half the time I find that I fill out copious amounts of paperwork for stuff (medical, financial, etc.) and then I get asked the same questions in person later. Why bother filling all this stuff out?!

Dave came back with a full set of teeth, and he tried them out on his Portillo’s Italian beef sandwich (of course … when in Illinois, Portillo’s). So far, so good – as he wears his partial and gets used to it, he’ll be on the lookout for sore spots or any other issues. He hasn’t tackled steak yet, but next week I’ll be serving him a Marlboro Man sandwich (a Pioneer Woman recipe that we love, pan-roasted onions and cube steak on a roll). We haven’t had them in ages because it was just too difficult for Dave to masticate. That will really be the test of his new teeth!

We have a yard full of snow, and yesterday we got out to do a little more shoveling. (The plows had deposited a lovely snow barricade at the end of the driveway, and our car was not pleased.) Dave took me around back and showed me some of the animal tracks he’d spotted – definitely deer along the back of the yard, and what he thinks is probably coyote going all along the fence from the front to the back. Actually, he thinks there were four of them and two were playing together. He showed me the little scratches from mice, and also tracks from a fox. He’s also found lots of rabbit tracks and droppings; we can usually see the bunnies in the spring, summer and fall but they’re a rare sighting in the winter.

Everything looks pretty calm weather-wise for the next week, so we’ll just be enjoying winter in Michigan and looking forward to celebrating our 13th anniversary in a little over two weeks. I’ll sign off here as I get ready to go out and eat some Hunter Ice Cream in the snow and sun!


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