Feeling Fragile

A couple days ago, we were eating dinner – sweet peppers, kale, ricotta and pasta. The pasta was farfalle (or bow-tie) and I was doing my goofy eating thing where I cut them in half first, separating the two sides with a swift press of my fork or, as the case may be, bite of my teeth.

Normally I use my fork, but this night I was being lazy and just biting them in half. I bit down forcefully and the next thing I know, I was jumping up and yelling, “I think I just cracked my tooth in half!”

When I bit down, I bit down HARD on my fork. I’m surprised I didn’t bite the fork in half along with the pasta.

I ran into the bathroom, expecting to see a jagged remnant of my top front tooth. I bared my teeth, stared – nothing. But I could feel grittiness, the sensation that something was stuck between my top two front teeth; even my bottom front teeth felt gritty and just wrong. Nothing was obviously broken though, so I sat back down. I showed Dave my teeth. He shrugged; he couldn’t see a problem.

I kept eating, kept running my tongue over my teeth. The front of my top front right tooth felt rough and strange. I figured maybe I scraped the enamel with my fork. My bottom teeth didn’t feel as weird but something felt different there too. I got back up to check my teeth in the bathroom mirror.

I stared, really stared, and then I could see it – just a miniscule, teeny tiny chip off the edge of my front teeth, top and bottom. You wouldn’t know they were chipped just by looking. There was no sharp edge. When I went back to show Dave, it took him a long time to even see what I was pointing at. But it was there.

It didn’t hurt, and my teeth weren’t sensitive. Just a stupid mistake on my part but still, it freaked me out.

When I woke up the next day, the first thing I thought of was that I’d chipped my teeth. When it happened the night before, I mainly just felt relief that it was barely anything and not, like, half of each tooth broken off. But the next day, I felt terrible knowing that I’d done such a stupid thing to my teeth, my nearly-perfect teeth that have never given me trouble. I was afraid to bite into anything for fear of my teeth shattering. Suddenly I felt like they were fragile.

Later that day I said to Dave, “I know this is ridiculous, but this tooth stuff is really bothering me. I can’t believe I did that. My teeth were so pretty!” Dave, who has endured years of teeth issues, couldn’t resist chuckling. “I’m afraid to eat corn on the cob!” I pouted. Then he talked me off the mental ledge, reminding me that it wasn’t like I bit into a marshmallow, and that my teeth are fine.

It’s a couple days later now and I’ve calmed down. I still check each morning to make sure my teeth haven’t crumbled in the night, but I’m no longer afraid to eat. (I do eat more delicately.) And it’s a good thing that we already have upcoming dental appointments planned. I don’t expect it to be an issue, but I’ll feel better having a dentist look at them just to be safe.

Yesterday I asked Dave to eat the other half of the banana I was slicing up for my cereal. “You should eat the whole thing!” he protested. “You know, bananas make your teeth grow.”

Smart ass. 😉


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