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Not A Real Post

Oh my gosh — I haven’t been doing well with Holidailies, have I?  (More like Holi-every-couple-dailies around here.)

We just did a whirlwind final Christmas shopping day today.  When we got home in the late afternoon, I exercised and now I’m researching cat toys because I forgot to buy kitty gifts (oops).  I was just about to get up and get dinner started when I realized I haven’t updated here since … Monday, I think.

I have a day full of downtime tomorrow — I’m coloring my hair, which means at least four hours without my ‘ears’ on (between applying the color, waiting for it to set, washing it out, then letting my hair air dry).  For some reason I find it easier to write when I can’t hear, so hopefully I can write a real update then.  I’m thinking food as a topic — for someone who seems to think about food all the time, I rarely write about it.

Speaking of food, I’ll leave you with a photo of these glorious pancakes that Dave got when we went out to breakfast with Paige and Michael yesterday.  The pancakes, seriously, are the size of a dinner plate and an inch thick (and delicious).  I guess you get two pancakes as part of a regular order; Dave wanted three and the waitress brought out a second plate with another massively huge pancake on it — it was comical.  (No, he didn’t eat it — he couldn’t even finish these two.)

We got these beauties at Rise 'n Shine Cafe in Niles.

We got these beauties at Rise ‘n Shine Cafe in Niles.

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