My Cochlear Implant Experience

If you’re curious about the cochlear implant process, if you are doing research or are a potential CI recipient, these links might be of particular interest to you. They’re all pretty detailed, long entries and I hope they provide some useful information:

Cochlear Implant Assessment:

Getting the MRI:

Pre-Op Testing:

Surgery Day:


Activation Day:

First Official Mapping (second visit):

Six Month Mapping:

One Year Mapping:

Two Year Mapping:

What it’s like to be bionic/have CIs:

  1. Hi Wendy.
    Just looking for any information you might be able to provide me and my family about your cochlear implant experience. My sister is planing to undergo the surgery the end of this month. We’re all a little nervous about it. My sister wasn’t born completely deaf. She has had hearing aid most of her life. Right now, they say she only has 10% left. CI’s seem like a good method to helping her hear again. I believe this technology could work for my sister. She knows language. Her speech is unbelieveable. Her lip reading is impeckable. Unfortunately, she cannot read or write due to mental development disabilities. Nor does she know sign language. She has no alternative if this goes wrong. I think this is what has my mother and father so concerned. It’s an all or nothing situation for them. Take the risk of her being completely silent or have her hear our voices clearly for the first time in over a decade. Any information or contacts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.



  2. Hi Wendi,
    Thanks so much for leading me to your site. This has been so informative!! and is perfect for the paper I will hopefully be starting soon šŸ™‚

    You have been through alot and I appreciate you sharing your experiences with everyone.



  3. diana @ i can eat, cant i?

    hey wendi! i’m new to your blog and thanks for posting your experiences! i got my first implant about 4 years ago, on sept 14th and went bilaterally in dec 09! maybe i could post a little bit about my ci experience on the 14th since it’s gonna be my 4th anniversary! oh, i have a blog too… check out about me section, i wrote a little bit about how i lost my hearing. do you know the cause of your hearing loss?


  4. hey wendi! just checking in to see how are ya! so how are ya?! šŸ™‚


  5. Hi! Thank you for sharing your story and experiences. My name is Salena and I am currently a Surgical Technology student. As of right now, I am doing an assignment to help me better understand a patient’s experience pre-op and post-op. I know that your surgery was a couple of years ago but congratulation’s on getting your cochlear implants! I was wondering if I may use your information for my assignement?


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